Insider Circle

When the concept of Free Weekly Mastermind came about in late 2009  it was to create a community where online marketers could share and grow together.  Entrepreneurship is one of the loneliest jobs in the world.  Your “normal” friends and family don’t get it.  They love you and encourage you to be realistic and to be practical.

That is not what Free Weekly Masterminders do.

They are strategic.  They have goals and talents and ideas that have to be achieved, nurtured and shared.

For more than 3 years the community we developed on Facebook has grown to nearly 900 dedicated marketers – almost doubling in the last 90 days alone.  The relationships built there have created joint ventures, new businesses and untold profits.

In 2013 we’re taking that deeper than ever before.

People each have their own reasons for participating in mastermind groups and communities.  Some for the accountability, others for the relationships.  And yet some just want to observe from the shadows and contribute when it falls in their narrow spectrum of expertise.

We’ve not done it all ourselves.

We don’t bootstrap software companies, or travel the globe speaking and living like digital vagabonds (although Dan would probably love to do that).   Neither of us have flown to China to manufacture a widget for our estore.

We believe in playing to our strengths and focusing on our unique abilities to be the best me we can be.  (Sounds like a Dr. Seuss rhyme, doesn’t it?)

We live in the trenches doing this stuff all day long.  And we’d love you to join us on this great adventure…


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