Industries We Work With

For over 6 years Audience Industries has been providing strategy development, curriculum design and digital marketing training to our clients in various industries across the globe.

We provide services that identify opportunities for improvement in all areas of digital marketing and online business development. Our tailored approach has been successful in exceeding client expectations on a consistent basis.

Where Do We Serve You?

Conference Add-ons We absolutely love offering to do a Blogging Concentrated Curriculum as a Conference Add-on. Whether it’s a blogging conference like Blissdom Canada or Blended, a lifestyle conference like TheMomCon, a professional conference like the Audiology Association or a small group retreat we bring great value to the attendees. Not only that we do the marketing to bring our community to your conference.

Nationwide Workshop Tour We have traveled to more than 27 cities bringing our workshops directly to bloggers and marketers in those areas. We traditionally put on a 9 – 5 Saturday event, but often meet on Fridays and Sundays and sometimes 2 day events.

Companies We truly enjoy helping companies understand how to best utilize social media and their company blog to turn their customers into fans and their fans into cheerleaders. While engagement is the current buzz word, we help companies understand relevance, resonance and the role of revenue.

Teaching There is nothing greater than being asked to share our knowledge. We’ve had the pleasure of teaching at UMass Boston’s Social Media Day, the Florida Parent Educator’s Association Conference and Belmont University. Not only that but we’ve been able to write complete blogging and SEO curriculum for schools like Collective Bias University and Social Media Marketing University.

Bloggers / Vloggers / Podcasters

Online entrepreneurs need help becoming more efficient, learning to focus, how to monetize the audience and build a business that provides a multiple.

TV/Radio Infomercial Industry

Direct Response Marketers need to understand the online sales funnel, how to maximize stick rate, repeat sales and earned media.


Academic institutions need custom online marketing curriculum developed for their specific needs from people in the trenches, teaching what really works.

Conferences & Conventions

We provide large conferences a turnkey social media and online marketing days of sessions tailored to their audience. We provide speakers, coordination, planning and peripherals.


Brands look to us to teach them how to turn influencers into revenue. While they find reaching influencers easy, we train them how to develop relationships that create sales.

Authors / Speakers

Authors and speakers need direction on learning their true unique difference, how to build a platform around it and create sales.


Non-profits need to learn how to use their vast network to reduce their overall costs to accomplish their mission. They need a tailored social media strategy focused solely on goals.

Chambers of Commerce, Associations

We provide Chambers and Associations an in-house training program for members to improve their social media marketing and create cross-promotion matrices

Small B2C Companies

We help small companies put together a social media strategy that involves automation where it matters and focuses time on a small number of people for maximum impact.

If you’re interested in a quote or conversation on how we can partner together, contact us today.
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