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Semester 3, Online Class (13 Credits)

BZB301 Module 13: Being the CEO isn't easy.

Self Paced

BZB301 13:1 Adrienne Graham - Get Paid What You're Worth

We've got to understand risks, laws, forecasting, cashflow, systems, leverage. . . and the list goes on and on. We're going to do our best to provide you the most relevant materials possible to make you a better Blog CEO.

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BZB301 13:1 Jaeny Baik: The Power of Video

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BZB301 13:2 Melissa Reyes: Flattery in Marketing

BZB301 13:3 Holly Homer: Achieving Massive Facebook Reach

BZB301 13:4 Tabitha Philen: Pinterest Marketing

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BZB301 13:5 Crystal Paine: Getting Traffic and Growing

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BZB301 13:6 Ronnie Nijmeh: Building Products Faster

Ronnie talks about using PLR and other means to create courses and other materials your audience wants without creating them yourself.

BZB301 13:7 Tamillee Tillison: PInterest Marketing

BZB301 13:8 Nathan Engles on the Career of Blogging

BZB301 13:9 Leslie Samuel on Success with a Smile

This is an interview with Leslie Samuel, the guy behind and the associated YouTube Channel. Leslie's channel gets millions of views. Here he talks about how he did that, why he chose Biology and how you can replicate his success.

BZB301 13:10 Erin Chase: Using Contributors to Drive Traffic

BZB301 13:11 Chaya Braun: List Building with video

BZB301 13:12 Liza Graves: Local Groupon Style Marketing

BZB301 13:12 Calvin and Shareena Hill: Using Social Media

BZB301 13:12 Dino Dogan: Building your Tribe
Dino Dogan created a community unlike any other on the internet, and the method by which he gets traffic is both unique and common sense. You're going to love what Dino has to say about getting traffic to your site:

BZB301 13:13 Branding. The only thing you can really brand is a cow.