Measurement is the Difference

Business Blogging Courses

The Definitive Guide to Revenue through Measurement

Semester 2, Online Class (13 Credits) Self Paced
The Business Blogging Course is for any business looking to add blogging to their overall marketing strategy. The course discusses the role of blogging, time requirements, methods of monetization, purpose and platforms. It also covers the strategies required to achieve search engine leverage.

BZB201 Module 10: Tracking Your Activities Online

BZB201 14-1: Webmaster (3 cr.)
Google Webmaster Tools is a great tool to help move our sites forward. You can track a variety of things inside its doors:
  1. Website health tracking
  2. Keyword ranking tracking
  3. Click through rates
  4. Rich Snippets compliance
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BZB201 10-1A: Where are your Keywords Ranked?

BZB201 10-2: Analytics!!! (3 cr.)
  1. Why did my traffic drop?
  2. How many people visit?
  3. Who is buying my products?
  4. Am I getting local traffic?
  5. How do I improve this page?
  6. Why are they leaving my site?
[s3bubbleVideoSingle bucket="bccurriculum" track="PrimeBlogging6-2.mp4" aspect="16:9" autoplay="false" download="false"/] BZB201 10-3: Community Engagement (14 cr.)
  1. Blog comments, likes, tweets, shares
  2. Google Alerts
  3. Pinterest Statistics
  4. Email Questions
  5. Facebook Statistics
[s3bubbleVideoSingle bucket="bccurriculum" track="PrimeBlogging6-3.mp4" aspect="16:9" autoplay="false" download="false"/] BZB201 10-4: Trackable Actions (3 cr.)
  1. URL’s
  2. Phone numbers
  3. Guest blog posts
  4. Link Shorteners
  5. Amazon Book Sales [s3bubbleVideoSingle bucket="bccurriculum" track="PrimeBlogging6-4.mp4" aspect="16:9" autoplay="false" download="false"/]

BZB201 10-5: YouTube Analytics 101

BZB201 10-6: YouTube Analytics 101

BZB201 10-7: YouTube Analytics 201

BZB201 10-7: YouTube Analytics 201

BZB201 10-8: Assessing Holiday Campaigns

BZB201 10-9: Track Your Calls To Action

Analytics and tracking come in many forms. Be proactive and use the CTA Post Tracker to keep track of your calls-to-action on your different posts.

Use Rachel's CTA Post Tracker to keep track of what offer is on each blog post

BZB201 10-10: See a Live Website Review in Action!

Live! Website Review

BZB201 10-12: How to A/B Test Pages

How to A/B Test Pages

BZB201 10-13: How to Set Up Google Analytics Funnels

How to set up Google Analytics Funnels

BZB201 10-13: How to Set Up Google Analytics Funnels

Webmaster Tools Where are you Ranked?

BZB201 10-14: Create Trackable Links in Google's URL Builder

Creating Google Trackable Links

BZB201 10-15: How To Track What People Search For On Your Site

Tracking what people search for within your site

BZB201 10-16: Twitter Analytics

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BZB201 10-17: What Brands Follow You on Twitter

BZB201 10-18: Using Social Analytics

BZB201 R: Module 14 Review (3 cr.)
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