Business Blogging Module 1

The Definitive Guide to Revenue through Blogging

Semester 1, Online Class (13 Credits)

Self Paced

The Business Blogging Course is for any business looking to add blogging to their overall marketing strategy. The course discusses the role of blogging, time requirements, methods of monetization, purpose and platforms. It also covers the strategies required to achieve search engine leverage.


BZB101 Module 1: Making the Decision to Blog

BZB101 1.1 Why Start Blogging? (3 cr.)
Let’s talk about the process, reason and role the blog will play in your business.

  1. Is a blog an effective way to achieve your goals?
  2. Speed to money. Don’t set yourself up for failure.
  3. What role will the blog be in your business?
  4. What kind of blogging suits you best?


BZB101 1.2 Business Blogging Goals (3 cr.)
Strategic management of information technology, project planning and implementation.

  1. Increase # of customers?
  2. Sell products and services
  3. Create an audience?
  4. Become the expert
  5. Additional revenue source


BZB101 1.3 Revenue Expectations (3 cr.)
Customer and stakeholder value creation and capture. Marketing strategy with emphasis on issues of social and sustainable organizations.

  1. Waiting tables is instant
  2. Do you already have a clamouring audience?
  3. Can your inventory handle a large influx?

BZB101 1.4 How does the blog fit? (3 cr.)
Introduction to global challenges of poverty, environmental degradation, and public health and the role of entrepreneurial management in private and public sector approaches.

  1. Within your current website or a new property?
  2. What kind of time will you be able to dedicate?
  3. Can your CRM handle this new “leads” source?

BZB101 1.5 What kind of blogger are you? (3 cr.)
A series of seminars emphasizing current topics related to the Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise. Topics may include: Supply Chain, Leadership Across Cultures, Micro-Finance, Ecological Perspectives for Business, and Marketing

  1. Video = Vlogging
  2. Audio = Podcasting
  3. Prose = Blogging
  4. Smart = All of the above

BZB101 1.R Module 1 Review

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