The Invisible Pulitzer

Sarah Karp and the Chicago Public Schools, Eric Pickersgill, cell phone photography, Skarp shaver, Instagram, Google Doodle, Adobe Crowdsurfing, SnapChat, YouTube, VidCon, National Geographic, BuzzFeed and more social... Read more

Bully Me, Baby!!!

On today’s episode we talk about Facebook Looping Profile Images, Peeple,, Brandon Carter, selfies, Twitter Moments, Facebook Reactions, and the app Pause.All the tech, social media and... Read more

6 out of 7 aren’t

Today we talk about Facebook’s billion, YCombinator, Dropbox, Reddit, Roxio, YouTube Gaming, T-Mobile, Facebook’s M, Timedog, Matt Cherry, Streaka, Periscope, Meerkat and Blab. All the tech, social media... Read more