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Do you have questions? Here are some answers to those questions that you might be mulling over.


  • You will receive access to all the products listed on the Sales Page (plus some unnanounced ones that will come via email afterwards). They are yours to grab up until the next BC Stack begins. Instructions on how to get them are included in your first email.


  • No! This is a one-of-a-kind product. The checklists inside this book were created for the purpose of putting this book together.


  • Once you purchase the BC Stack you will receive an email with a link to the product. All instructions on how to download it are in the email and on the download page.


  • YES! If there is something you would like us to rip to DVD for you or print, contact us and we can tell you how much it will cost.


  • You have until the next BC Stack begins to grab your purchase. We’d suggest downloading the product to your computer now. Then you have nothing to worry about. You’ll have it forever.


  • Yes. You should have no problem. If you are looking for a PDF Reader consider downloading this one from Adobe –> PDF Reader


  • You’ll just need to download one zip file. Should be no problem.

    If you are looking for help downloading to you iPad here are the Apple Support Manuals -> iPad Support


  • Check your spam folder for the email first. If it is not there please email us at thebcstack@gmail.com;


  • Yes! The awesome thing about Paypal is that it allows you to make purchases simply using your credit card. When you’re directed to PayPal at purchase, just below the login part is a link to use your credit card.

    To learn more about that read this -> Pay with Credit/Debit Card on Paypal


  • If you are unable to download a specific product email us a thebcstack@gmail.com and we’ll help.


  • Yes, We would love you to share the stack. That’s why we have an affiliate program. At $27 if you think something is good enough to share, your friend should be able to overcome the $27 price in favor of your recommendation. (And use your affiliate link!!)

    For information on how to become an affiliate please email us here thebcstack@gmail.com


  • No, there are no refunds offered. Once you purchase you have access to all the digital products. There’s no way to get those back from you. So to protect the experts, we don’t do refunds. Sorry.


  • We want this to be a no-brainer experience for you. The BC Stack is full of incredible resources that we hand picked knowing that this information will change lives. That is part of our mission of Blogging Concentrated and we want this information in the hands of our members.


If you’re still have trouble and the FAQ’s don’t help please email us here thebcstack@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to help you.


  • Please remember to back up your files. We are unable to send you copies of the e-books that have been deleted or lost.
  • Each of the e-books in BC Stack is copyrighted by the original author.
  • Your purchase does not entitle you to share the files or upload them anywhere online where others can access them.
  • Sharing e-books, videos and audios is theft and steals from the authors who work so hard to create these wonderful resources, so please make sure that you are respecting their copyrights (and you can always point others in the direction of their websites)
  • Due to the limited time offer, Blogging Concentrated will not be offering refunds. However, they WILL make sure that you get what you’d paid for!
  • **The giveaways are going to go to the following buyers in numerical order of when they buy. 1 = 1st buyer. 147 = the one hundred forty seventh buyer. There are a total of 49 giveaways. In the order that they bought, these are the 39 buyers. 28, 4699, 5694, 8, 4081, 4898, 1371, 1373, 25, 50, 6188, 1164, 279, 1567, 906, 7219, 56, 5995, 7851, 4440, 2325, 3746, 5291, 1022, 72, 73, 7045, 636, 6352, 1203, 6, 5196, 7449, 6504, 657, 86, 62, 3531, 6501, 7877, 3708, 343, 6993, 6881, 1375, 94, 5535, 2553, and the two thousand eight hundred ninety fourth buyer. (If the number of buyers changes significantly from 8,000 we’ll use random.org to choose a different 49 numbers).

If you’re still have trouble and the FAQ’s don’t help please email us here thebcstack@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to help you. Remember the BC Stack only lasts for four days so during those four days we’ll be wishing for the extra coffee, chocolate, and extra hours as well.

Thank you.


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