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June 11th/ 8:00 pm Frances Vidakovic

June 18th / 1 pm Amanda Kijek and Jovana Draza

June 25th / 12:00 pm Fernando Sustaita - Etsy

June 26th / 12:00 pm Debbie Benstein - Quick Wins for Reluctant Marketers

July 2nd / 9:00 am Angela Wills - Core Messaging

July 3rd / 2:00 pm Amanda Robinson  -  Facebook Ads

July 8th  / 9:00 am Carly Campbell - Pinterest Analytics

July 8th  / 9:00 am Rebecca Florence

July 9th / TBD Jackie Lapin

July 9th / 12:00 pm Denise Wakeman & Andy O'Bryan

July 9th / 1:00 pm Lou Bortone - YouTube

July 10th / 3:00 pm Leslie Bouldin

July 10th / TBD Renee Shupe

July 11th / 2:00 cst Tracy Roberts

July 12th / 2:00 pm Maigen Thomas

July 13th / 9:00 am Mia Moran - BC Stack Walkthrough

July 15th / TBD Monica Monfre

July 16th / 1:00 pm Melissa Mittelstaedt

July 17th / 4:00 pm Monique Shurray 

July 17th / 3:00 Dani Rae Maxwell

July 17th / TBD Sherry Smothermon Short

July 19th / TBD Peachi Williams

July 22nd / 10:00 am Kathleen Kobel

July 22nd / 3:00 pm Simon Fawkes A.I. for Work NanoSummit (Live)

July 23rd / TBD Cindy Bidar

July 23rd / 1:00 pm Cheryl Major

July 24th / 12:00 pm Jay Fairbrother

July 19th / 9:00 am Mia Moran - BC Stack Walkthrough

July 29th / TBD Christine Blosdale

August 6th / 1:00 pm Heather Ritchie

August 7th / 9:00 am Kate Danielle

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Product #1

11 Proven Ways to Land Customers, Make Money, and Grow Your Business

Nick Loper, host of the award winning Side Show Hustle Podcast brings this Get Gigs program to you. Whether you're trying to build a full-time business or just make extra money, it takes customers to get there. But before anyone can hire you, they've got to know, like, and trust you.

Get Gigs showcases my favorite methods to bridge that gap with free marketing tactics anyone can use. He's been interviewing successful entrepreneurs since 2013, and has distilled hundreds of hours of conversations and 10+ years of experience into these 11 proven methods you can apply to your business.

Nick Loper helps people earn money outside of their day job. He's an author, online entrepreneur, and host of the award-winning Side Hustle Show podcast, which features new part-time business ideas each week. As Chief Side Hustler at, he loves deconstructing the tactics and strategies behind building extra income streams.

Product #2

Get Booked on Radio, Podcasts and TV

Get ready to have your calendar booked with opportunities galore Superstar! You're about to learn the TOP SECRET strategies that Expert Authority Business Coach CHRISTINE BLOSDALE has been teaching her clients - and now she's making them available to you in How To Get Booked on Podcasts, Radio and Television!

Christine Blosdale is a force of nature whose mission is to empower you to rise as an expert authority in your field. As a dedicated business and media coach with over 25 years experience, Christine provides the guidance, strategies, and support necessary to amplify your visibility and impact.

Product #3

Get Featured (and Paid) in Niche Publications

There are publications about DIY, Home Decor, Travel, Boating, Sailing, Fashion, Makeup, Finance, Business, and more - these are just the tip of the iceberg. If you have a passion, a hobby, something that really just sets you on fire, then there is probably a publication that you could write for. This masterclass is designed to hone writing skills and give the basics of how to find and approach publications that WANT writers.

Betsi Hill has been getting paid to write since 2015. She is an expert in the field of writing for profit and brings this masterclass to BC Stack.

Product #4

Build a List with Artificial Intelligence??

The A.I List Buidling Challenge with Jen Perdew and John and Matt Rhodes includes A.I. prompts and step-by-step list building instructions for customers, including generating high quality sales emails for FREE, making money from your lists, and real-world walkthrough case studies.  

Inside the "A.I. LIST BUILDING CHALLENGE" we're giving away our complete system for using A.I. to rapidly build your email list. We reward YOU for taking action with $100+ in products when you build a new lead generation funnel and get your first opt-in.

Product #5

Drive Traffic with Facebook Ads

The Rapid & Simple Facebook Ads Crash Course is tailored for time-crunched DIYers like you! Delivered by Amanda Robinson, a Meta Certified Lead Trainer and CEO of The Digital Gal, this 3-part video course, with two live Office Hours, will provide you with a quick understanding of everything you need to know to start DIY'ing your own Facebook Ads. You'll learn step by step:
- How to set up an ad from start to finish,
- How to retarget your audience effectively,
- How to navigate your ad account with confidence.

Get the essential knowledge you need, all in a fast, easy-to-follow format!

Product #6

Create and Launch Your Own Mastermind Group

Unlock Your Potential by Creating & Launching Your Own Mastermind Group

  • Learn the Smartest Way to Leverage Your Most Valuable Asset (Your Time)
  • Dramatically Increase the Results & Transformations Your Clients Achieve

  • Create up to Six-Figures in Revenue No Matter Where You're At Now

Product #7

Get Listed in the Top Online Directories

Ever want your products listed in holiday gift guides, top 10 lists and best of's? Beyond pitching them, the secret is getting listed-  the right way - in the top online directories. Visibility Ventures, a 181 page, step-by-step guide and 23-day playbook are easy to understand, simple to do, and proven to get results. Enhance visibility, increase customer engagement and grow your business.  Every day without optimal directory presence is a missed opportunity. The sooner you start, the quicker you'll see your business rise to the top.

Cynthia Hull specializes in helping online businesses boost their digital presence and streamline their marketing efforts. She brings a personal touch and a wealth of expertise to every project.

Product #8

Grow Your Business with YouTube Live

YouTube Live now gets a lot of favor and attention from YouTube's algorithm.  Did you know you could repurpose other videos by broadcasting recorded video as live? You can connect Zoom. You can embed a "livestream" in your website.  This course will teach you how to use Youtube Live to drive leads. 

Chris Lockwood is a publisher, author, marketer, and speaker who has been making a living online since 2002.

Product #9

Fast Track Instagram Growth with IG's Broadcast Channels

In Monica's "Broadcast like a Boss" unlock the full potential of Instagram's broadcast channels to supercharge your launch. Designed for entrepreneurs like you, this course provides a comprehensive guide to using Instagram's latest feature to create buzz, engage with your audience, and drive sales.

Monica Monfre is a 15 year veteran teacher, community builder, yoga practitioner who helps impact makers and legacy creators like yourself, lean into intuition, and innovate in business.

Product #10

Get Massive Traffic Going Off Road

This is a bundle of four in-depth PDF guides on how to use these often under-utilized writing platforms to generate massive traffic to your website with minimal time commitment! The Guides walk you through the step by step process of publishing via Linkedin, Medium, Substack and Flipboard.

The Digital Divas are a group of 4 women who collectively have been in business for a whole bunch of years. We each sell on our own sites and also do some joint venture projects together such as this. We enjoy creating all kinds of products to help our customers and most of all — having fun doing it!

Product #11

Use the Search Engines to Bring You Traffic

How To SEO a Blog will introduce you to and simplify technical concepts so that you can understand how and why the strategies for getting ranked on search engines work. Once you learn the concepts, we'll help you build a strong SEO strategy for your blog and you'll even learn some advanced techniques that can boost your efforts even higher!

Dan King is a long-time blogger and published author who has been helping others build and grow their online presence for over a decade. He has a knack for breaking down complex ideas and making it easier to understand and implement into your blog growth strategy.

Product #12

Craft Reels that Resonate and Grow Your Business

This no-nonsense video course cuts through the clutter, teaching you the smart, straightforward ways to create dynamic Reels that truly represent your brand—no dancing required unless you choose to. Whether you're camera-shy or a budding videographer, you'll learn to craft compelling Reels that capture the essence of your brand and resonate with your audience.

Cat Griffin grew an Instagram account to a 100k following a bet with her husband. This was the start of her entrepreneurial journey, the destination of which she is still working on! If anyone knows Reels, it's Cat.

Product #13

Better Copy = More Sales

"Crafting Compelling Copy" is a self-paced online course that will teach you the proven strategies and techniques you need to write engaging copy for your target audience. 

You will learn what copywriting actually is, how to reach your target audience with your copy, how to write attention grabbing headlines, ways to hook your readers, how to write coy in your emails, sales pages, and on social media. 

By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of what copywriting is and how you can use it in different areas of your business for maximum growth.

We’re Susanne Myers & Tracy Roberts and we can’t wait to help you live the life you want to live while making the money you want to make. We’ve been in the online business world since 2003 and we’ve seen things come & go.  What we hope to do is share the things you need to learn to build your business.

Product #14

Add 2000 people to your email list!

Find out how I added over 2000 people to my email list in just under 6 months. During this training, I will tell you all of my secrets and strategies that helped me explode my list and generate consistent revenue. Don’t stay stuck spinning your wheels trying to figure it out all alone! Join me live and get all of your questions answered.

When Cherie La Vie began her business, she avoided starting an email list. She was too nervous about being seen as salesy or clogging her customers inboxes. Then she discovered that emailing was all about a mindset shift. When she started sharing tips and great products, her email list led to making actual #bizfriends and more growth.

Product #15

YouTube Launch Pad: Kickstart Your YouTube Journey

This clear and concise four-module mini-course is designed for starting and optimizing your YouTube channel

Are you thinking about starting a YouTube channel? Or perhaps you're looking to breathe new life into your existing channel? Whatever your situation, the YouTube Launch Pad Mini-Course is your perfect starting point.

Lou Bortone is known as The Video Godfather, and is Consigliere to some of the brightest names in digital marketing.  He's a video marketing expert, an author, speaker, and host of "The Godfather Podcast."  Prior to becoming a "videopreneur." Lou spent more than 20 years in the television business.

Product #16

Get More Visibility from the Media

Here's the truth: You need to get in front of the right people - your dream clients - in order to grow. This $988 on-demand masterclass + digital templates is for entrepreneurs who want more visibility in the Media in order to expand their audience and grow their business.

Monique Shurray is a Media Coach who empowers entrepreneurs to overcome their fear of being on camera so that they can make a greater impact in the world using Video.

Product #17

Use Images to Get Traffic

Discover how you can use Pinterest as an untapped visual search engine to send high-quality, targeted traffic to your blog. . . and Only Spend 15 Minutes per Day Doing It.

In 1995, Britt Malka quit my day-job to become a full-time writer. She has since lived in four different countries: Denmark, Germany, France, and Israel. She loves writing emails to her lists and learning email copywriting.

Product #18

SEO Algorithm Buster

Revitalize your SEO content strategy with the Content SOS Revamp to Rank Bundle. Designed for entrepreneurs dealing with underperforming content, this bundle is filled with training and resources to help you boost your SEO, simplify your content creation process, and connect more effectively with your audience. Say goodbye to obscurity and hello to higher rankings and increased engagement!

Heather Ritchie is a Certified Content Marketing Strategist, dedicated coach for content creators, and SEO content writer at Writer's Life for You. Heather has been writing SEO-optimized content for bloggers for over seven years and loves creating digital products and courses for content creators.

Product #19

Kick-Ass Visibility Challenge

The challenge starts by helping you get over your fears of being visible and the mindset shifts to become an influencer.. And then learn practical, simple strategies that you can begin embracing immediately to increase your visibility.  And finally this course will clearly show you how to take action, build influence and ultimately make more offers so you can begin immediately making more money in your business today

Frances Vidakovic is a certified life coach for goal-getters, host of the INSPIRING LIFE PODCAST, course creator and CEO of the award-winning website InspiringMomLife. She helps women achieve their goals, without sacrificing their family life or their sanity. Her superpower: transforming dreamers into doers

Product #20

Earn 5 Figures in 9 Days!!!

This Step-by-step guide to sell your offers in 9 days using Workshops and Challenges. A 5 day workshop giving you a rinse and repeat launch plan that will ensure you fill your client rosters every time you launch. This is the exact planning process our clients use to SIMPLIFY their businesses and earn 5 figures in just 9 days WITHOUT paid ads, a large audience or crazy tech. 

Amanda Kijek is an inernational best selling author and multiple 6-figure business coach for coaches and course creators wanting to add an additional $5k-$25k (in 9 days)
with just a Facebook group, and Live virtual they can focus on their zone of genius, make money peacefully, and fill their programs without feeling exhausted or having to learn course after course searching for the answer!

Product #21

$60K / Month in eBook Sales

Rachel and I had a client whom we helped make over $60K / month in ebook sales. He did it by making fitness videos on YouTube and then sending them to a quiz funnel. Thus we're excited to present Katie Hart's product on converting a Quiz Funnel. 
Learn five "magic trick" strategies that will take your quizzes to the next level. This video training shows you advanced techniques for turning quiz takers into leads and customers. Includes private podcast version, full transcript, and PDF of slides, so you can consume the content in whichever way best suits your learning preferences and lifestyle.

Coach Glue - Official BC Stack Sponsor

Done for you Resources for Business Coaches

  • 17 Free Coaching Forms - From a confidentiality agreement to referral requests, you’ll save time and streamline with our free coaching forms.
  • Discover your Six Figure idea - Unlock your six-figure potential with our free guide on discovering your profitable course idea.
  • Free Marketing Clarity Book - Make your next 12 months your best 12 months with our printable marketing + profit planner.

Product #23

Turn Your Words into Wealth

Introducing an action-packed mini-course, designed to turn your writing passion into a profitable income on Medium. Through a series of bite-sized lessons, you'll uncover proven strategies to:

    •    Craft compelling content that attracts and engages readers.
    •    Navigate the Medium Partner Program and unlock its earning potential.
    •    Build a loyal audience that values your insights.
Whether you're an experienced writer or just starting out, this mini-course is your roadmap to transforming your Medium journey into a success story.

Sharlrita Deloatch specializes in creating books that teach publishers and writers how to monetize their writing skills by teaching effective strategies for publishing, digital marketing, and leveraging online platforms.

Product #24

Seriously,  Get Your Products on Retailers Shelves!!

Unlock the secrets to widespread retail success with Andee's course, "How to Get Your Products on the Shelves of Retailers Everywhere." Dive into proven strategies and insider tips to navigate the complex world of retail distribution, empowering you to secure coveted shelf space in stores everywhere- maximizing your product's visibility and sales potential.

During the Pandemic, Andee Hart started a candle business and quickly grew it to a thriving company selling to hundreds of boutiques across North America. Within a year, she said goodbye to her 17 year career in executive sales and leadership experience to pursue her creative dreams and has never looked back.

Product #25

Make Sales from Other People's Products

Learn how to create a business for yourself with high-ticket affiliate marketing. This beginner-friendly video course is good for people who want to learn affiliate marketing. It's a beginner-level foundational course for starting an affiliate marketing side hustle or business.

In this course, you'll learn how to start affiliate marketing, the importance of email marketing and how to start an email list,  traffic channels and attracting traffic to your offers, high-ticket affiliate marketing offers to check out, and how to make money with affiliate marketing, plus more!

Jenn Leach is an online instructor and educator teaching people how to achieve financial independence through personal finance, entrepreneurship, business, and side hustles.

Product #26

Increase Revenue by Repurposing Content

Learn how you can add an additional stream of revenue (or two) by repurposing your content into the Amazon Influencer program, and make money without driving traffic. Everything you need to go to get set up and start making money!

Liz Saunders has been in the Amazon space for almost a decade.  From seller to Influencer, and is now working to help both Sellers and Influencers succeed with the Amazon Influencer Program.  She is the mom of 3 teenagers, wife to Adam, and the founder of Fluencer Fruit.  Fluencer Fruit provides tools and coaching for Amazon Influencers, and helps Amazon Sellers learn about and connect with Amazon Influencers.

Product #27

Whip Up Digital Products Fast

You know how you have a million ideas, but your hands, time and energy simply can't keep up? Grab this 5-part course to take your idea, validate it and quickly turn it around into a covetable and sellable product.  Get that idea out of your head and into a tangible product today!

Naima Sheikh is a Digital Strategy Consultant specializing in transforming ideas and expertise into solid digital assetsHer 9200+ students agree that, while she's obsessed with marrying copy, systems and tech, her best super power is helping them take action and execute on their ideas.

Product #28

How to Master the Call to Action

Mastering Call-to-Action Strategies to Boost Your Engagement and Sales is a comprehensive course designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to elevate their marketing game. This course covers essential techniques for crafting powerful CTAs, optimizing email marketing, and enhancing your blog and social media strategies. Join us to transform your engagement and sales with proven, actionable insights!

Dani Maxwell is a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to helping small business owners thrive through her innovative printables and insightful content. With an understanding of digital marketing and a talent for creating practical resources, she empowers entrepreneurs to streamline their operations and achieve success.

Product #29

Putting Video on Amazon Makes Money

What if I told you that I’ve made over $200K over the past year and a half creating product based video content for Amazon? And the best part about it, is that you create the content and Amazon does the marketing for you, so it sells for you over and over again. I've learned a lot throughout my time as a high earning Amazon Influencer and I'm going to show you exactly how I did it.

Kathleen Kobel is an e-commerce expert specializing in Amazon, where she runs multiple successful businesses and earns over $100,000 per year directly through Amazon's influencer program. She leverages her extensive knowledge of marketplace dynamics and effective selling strategies to teach others how to achieve similar success on the platform.

Product #30

Make Money Selling Guided Journals

Discover the secrets to creating top-selling digital guided journals in record time! In this workshop, you'll uncover how to utilize AI to generate limitless ideas and swiftly craft your content. Learn the ins and outs of designing your journal in Canva, from captivating layouts to eye-catching graphics. Plus, find out exactly where you can sell your creations for maximum profit. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your journaling game and turn your passion into profit!

Kate Danielle is passionate about empowering others to build a business with "yes moments"... Yes to Time Freedom and Flexibility, Yes to being there for your family, Yes to the Surprise Family Vacation, on you! Cheers to the...Passionate, Driven, Dreamer Entrepreneur!

BONUS Product!!!

How to Get Paid to Publish Your Premium Newsletter

This video training will provide insights on what's involved in publishing a premium newsletter full of value for your audience. You'll learn how to find a topic, get ideas on content formats, pricing, how to choose the right newsletter platform, how to get started and much more!

Melanie Borowczyk has been helping overwhelmed content creators, coaches and authors with content management, email marketing and creating WordPress websites since 2007 at A perfect world for me at Provirtua is to see content creators streamline and systematize the technical aspects of their online marketing.

Product #31

Etsy Store Sales Machine Workshop

Launch your Etsy store with easy to follow step by Step training. Learn how to create a winning strategy for success on Etsy. These techniques, tactics and strategies that I will show you have proven over and over to work whether you’re brand-new to eCommerce or you already have an Etsy store and simply want to supercharge your sales!

Fernando Sustaita is one of the first successful Amazon Custom sellers being invited me, along with only five others, to their Golden Ticket get-together… 

Today, he has his own an Amazon business, his own brand with print-on-demand products, Shopify and Etsy stores. There are no limits to e-commerce.

Product #32

Make Money with Your Email List

Ever heard that 'the money is in the list'? It's true, but here's the catch: having the right people on your list is crucial. Those are the ones who will become your future customers. Join me in this 10-day challenge, and together we'll focus on building a high-quality email list tailored to your ideal audience. By attracting the subscribers who truly matter to your business, we'll set you up for success and future-proof your business.

I am Victoria, an email marketing genie from Ukraine 🇺🇦. I love talking about all things list-building and email marketing because that's what works and that's what you CAN control.

Product #33

Identify, Engage and Convert Coaching Clients

This concise course guides you through the essential steps to identify, engage, and convert your ideal coaching clients, ensuring your business stands out in a competitive market.

KRIS SAFAROVA is a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling author.She founded and is the CEO of a portfolio of companies, which includes a publishing business, an investment firm, and the world's largest strategy and consulting business

Product #34

5 Foolproof Tech Tools ALL Biz Owners Need!

This is your cheat sheet to make sure you are using the Tech Tools that will make your job as a biz owner easier! Open to learn if you are using the 5 "must have" tech tools to run your business.

Karen Carey specializes in guiding service providers and entrepreneurs to scale their businesses through streamlined systems and tech mastery. 

Product #35

Make Money on Etsy with Better Images

Stop struggling with product photography and showcase your Etsy creations in stunning style with our editable Etsy mockups! These digital templates are designed to take your product presentations to the next level. 

Chiara Howard is a mock-ups wizard helping enterpreneurs all over make more sales with their products. 

Product #36

Ultimate Guide to Tech Shortcuts

There is a faster, easier, less expensive, less brain-power requiring solution to just about anything you need to do as a leader, expert, coach, author, speaker or entrepreneur.
There are tech shortcuts (both traditional and AI) that tackle so many tasks that eat up your time, diminishing your ability to be doing the impactful work that brings in the bacon.

Jackie's Lapin has helped nearly 400 luminaries, leaders, filmmakers and authors grow their businesses, sell more books, create viewership and change their lives. 

Product #37

Make Money with Books

Elevate your influence and revenue by mastering the art of building a loyal readership and crafting enduring content. This course distills the essence of profitable writing and strategic publishing.

KRIS SAFAROVA is a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling author.She founded and is the CEO of a portfolio of companies, which includes a publishing business, an investment firm, and the world's largest strategy and consulting business

Product #38

How to Start an Online Store with WooCommerce

Take your online business to the next level with your own online store. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned entrepreneur, this step-by-step course will teach you how to create a fully functional online store with ease and confidence.

Leslie J Bouldin is a marketing and publishing consultant, communications and marketing strategist, and entrepreneur.

Product #39

Amplified Strategies for Selling Digital Products with Shopify

Learn our next-level strategies for selling digital products with an e-commerce shop using Shopify. Quick Win: Go behind the scenes of what is working right now in a multi-six-figure digital product shop on Shopify. Gain insight from my experience of working with hundreds of shop owners over the last year on how to strategically scale your digital product business using an e-commerce shop.

Monica Froese empowers women to create financial independence by building 6-figure digital product businesses. I am on a mission to help 1,000 women make $100,000 by selling their expertise using digital products within a year. That’s $100 MILLION in the hands of women just like you!

Product #40

Start Selling Products with SendOwl

This guide, by Karen Whitfield, will walk you through the process, step by step, of creating an online store to sell digital products using Sendowl. 
Avoid the headaches of product delivery and handling payments. Let Sendowl do the leg work for you.
Learn how to set up a store with clear instructions and helpful visuals so you can watch the sales notifications pour into your inbox!

Product #41

Use Analytics to Maximize your Revenue

Do you open up Google Analytics, look at the numbers, then close it because you have no idea what action you can take to grow your blog? Then this session is for you! I'll share 5 metrics and what action you can take on each. The good news? Each of these actions can make you more money regardless of how you monetize your site.

Sherry Smothermon-Short is a multi-passionate entrepreneur with more than twelve years experience in the online space. Her decade of blogging has taught her how to use data to grow and improve her blog. She loves sharing what she learned with other content creators by providing information, resources, training, and services.

Product #42

Connect the Dots for Steady Sales: Using Sales Funnels for Instant Cash

Stop making a bunch of products that sit in your shop with NO sales. More products do not equal more sales. Instead, follow a proven system to make INSTANT CASH when someone signs up for your freebie. Kerry Beck takes you by the hand to connect the dots in your business so you start making consistent sales every week.

Kerry Beck shows families how to create & use their own website & digital products, marketing funnels, emails and one-time offers to start making money. If you need help coming up with ideas, she coaches business owners on choosing the best niche and direction for your business.

Product #43

Get Traffic from Someone Else's Podcast Audience

Podcast guesting is part of the content marketing ecosystem. Ready to share your expertise and grow your business? Learn how to become a captivating podcast guest and reach thousands of potential clients with this simple system.
With over 20 years in education and business, Dr. Yamilette Williams helps confused and struggling solopreneurs, freelancers, creatives, and coaches transform from jugglers to smooth operators.

Product #44

Monetize that Podcast

I'm excited to teach you some of the great ways you can be monetizing your podcast, like through podcast apps, players and ads. And we'll be talking about how to rise in Apple ranks as well.
Sarah St. John is an entrepreneur, podcaster, and author. She owns a podcast growth, marketing, and monetization agency called AmpMyPod, and is the host of
Frugalpreneur: Building a Business on a Bootstrapped Budget which aims to show people how to launch and manage an online business on a budget.

Product #45

Podcasting Made Simple Live Helps Podcast Guests and Hosts Grow Their Influence, Revenue, and Expertise

Podcasting Made Simple Live is a premium podcasting virtual event focused on helping podcast guests and hosts improve their craft so they can make a bigger positive impact on the world around them.

Alex Sanfilippo is the founder of, a software that automatically matches podcast guests and hosts for interviews. Alex's sole focus is to serve independent podcast guests and hosts so they can grow their influence and revenue so they can better serve their listeners!

Product #46

A.I. Clipart Profits Course

Do you want to earn passive income selling gorgeous AI clipart designs?  In this course, Carmen will teach you her proven workflow for easily creating beautiful boho, floral, and feminine clipart using AI art generator Midjourney. 

🖥️🎥 Step-by-step, you'll learn how to use Midjourney to generate stunning original clipart, understand Midjourney Prompt Engineering, prepare print-ready files, and research keywords to optimize Etsy listings.

Carmen Chan is the owner of The Simply Couture Designs. All her products are made with online entrepreneurs in mind to help you start and grow a profitable printable business fast.

Product #47

Secrets to Running your Podcast on Autopilot

Streamline your podcasting journey with this Podcast Process Automation. Integrate cutting-edge yet simple project management and automation tools into your workflow, streamlining every aspect from production to promotion.

Say goodbye to tedious manual tasks and hello to efficiency as you effortlessly manage episodes, schedule releases, and seamlessly communicate with your guests like never before!

Yvonne Heimann is the CEO & founder of and the author of "Mastering the Basics of ClickUp" as well as a passionate Business Efficiency & Scalability Consultant, Mindset Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, & Speaker.

Product #48

How to Launch Your Dream Podcast

Are you looking for a step-by-step roadmap to launching your podcast? I'll walk you through exactly what I do with my clients and after this workshop you will have a clear plan on launching your podcast with this step-by-step easy-to-understand roadmap. Ready to stop over researching and downloading all the free guides on how to launch a podcast? If so let's do this!

Liz Chapman is a skilled podcast producer and launch specialist who helps busy business owners streamline their podcasting process, gain more visibility, and use their show as a powerful marketing and lead generation tool.

Product #49

Your Key Genius Blueprint

Leverage our 5 step process for identifying your key genius blueprint based on how you are "wired" so that you create a value proposition that empowers you to:

- Refine your message so that you stop doing boring elevator pitches
- Transform hidden beliefs and gremlins sabotaging your money
- Identify your right target client to avoid "soul sucking" drudgery
- Create a lean business map that gets your rolling without lots of overhead

Megha Bradley is a Business and Life Transformation Strategist. She empowers solo entrepreneurs and small business owners to create strategic steps to harness their unique gifts and talents, so that they make a bigger contribution in the world.

Product #50

What makes an Online Business?

In this live, 90-minute presentation, Cindy will demystify what it means to build a business online. She'll help you focus on the five critical elements every thriving business includes, so you can ditch the overwhelm and concentrate on what works. This training is for you if you've been feeling stuck or lacking direction, or if your course- or freelance-based business just isn't as easy to manage as you'd hoped.

Cindy Bidar is a small business consultant. She works with new coaches, course creators, and content marketers to help them attract their ideal client, grow their email lists, and market their businesses more effectively without hiring a big team or wasting time on social media.

Product #51

Fueling Your Online Brand Strategy

Create an effective digital marketing content calendar that stays on brand! This workbook helps maintain your brand consistency, engage your audience like a pro, and smash every goal with ease. Say hello to a solid online strategy that keeps the brand in the spotlight. Ready to level up your digital marketing? This is your must-have tool!

Peachi Williams is also known as the Brand Voice Builder®️.  When she's not crafting copy or brainstorming creative strategies, she's at the helm of The Write Mixx. Her brainchild, the Color Me Brand®️ ecosystem, is the go-to destination for entrepreneurs and business owners to build, brand, and grow their businesses in a safe, supportive, environment.

Product #52

Core Message Marketing

Don't stress over your target market - focus on core messaging instead! When you sell your products and create your content based on core values you attract your ideal, dream customers. Ideal for multi-passionate entrepreneurs! You won't have to rebuild every time you shift and pivot your business. 

Angela Wills is a multi-passionate solopreneur who's pivoted and shifted her business over the years. As a mom of two she built her business to give her time with her family. Her motto of "life first, then business" is an example of her core message marketing in action and she's thrilled to offer this training to the BC Stack community.

Product #53

Krystal Proffitt's "Business Booster Bundle"

Supercharge your business with the Business Booster Bundle. Packed with essential tracking tools and resources, this bundle empowers entrepreneurs to optimize their content strategy, streamline operations, and maximize revenue. Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity to take your business to the next level.

Product #54

Momentum Boosts: Amplify Your Success To Attract More Leads and More Clients

Welcome to "Momentum Boosts: Amplify Your Success To Attract More Leads and More Clients" where we focus on straightforward, simple and effective strategies to enhance your business.

We'll break down the essentials of today's digital world into easy-to-implement steps that will increase your business's momentum. You'll learn how to sharpen your brand message, boost your online presence, and connect more meaningfully with your ideal client.

The modules are packed with practical - and simple - advice on making the most of your email list, optimizing your website for better conversions, and creating content that truly speaks to your customers. Throughout the course, you'll discover how simple tweaks can create big results, helping you not only achieve but exceed your business goals.

Let's discover just how powerful momentum can be!

Product #55

Growth Boost Blueprints

Once you have found a theme, are creating content and possibly even getting some traffic, your web presence is born! Now comes the chance to grow that into something amazing. This course will teach you how to help your business flourish to reach new heights. This course focuses on email marketing, income streams, and traffic. 

Cousett Hoover has been working, designing, developing, and teaching technology since 2005. Former Educational Technology academic turned Mompreneur she is on a mission to empower all to automate, build, and scale their business and live the lifestyle they want. As a passionate educator, Cousett has been featured in several summits and podcasts.

Product #56

How to Focus on High Impact / Low Effort Tasks

A concise and highly relevant online workshop showing owners of small businesses and entrepreneurs how to be more productive in less time by working on high-impact, low-effort marketing projects.This original workshop is packed with practical ways for reluctant marketers to get things done faster,better and more effectively without tearing their hair out. No hype. No fluff. No nonsense.

Debbie Benstein is a veteran marketer with over 35 years of top-level marketing experience in a wide variety of industries and niches, As a marketing consultant and mentor she now specializes in advising reluctant marketers - business owners who are experts in their fields but who don't exactly adore the marketing side of running their businesses.

Product #57

How to Make Time for Your Online Business While You Work Full-Time

In this guide, you'll uncover the power of having a deep purpose to keep you motivated, even during tough times. You'll also learn how to schedule business hours to achieve more without experiencing guilt and burnout. If you commit to the 30-day plan, you'll be on the fast track to building your business and unbossing yourself.

Justin Gentry has experience in various online businesses, including coaching, selling digital products, freelancing, and being a "Top-Rated" seller on Amazon and eBay. Now he is passionate about helping others start their own businesses and leave their day jobs to do work that brings freedom and wealth.

Product #58

Implement What You Learn from BC Stack

Part of you wants to sign up for everything ... part of you knows how much you sign up for that you never get around to doing. In this 90-minute workshop, you'll make a plan to implement your stack. You'll leave with a 1-page blueprint to make the most of all the resources that you've received — a plan to uplevel your business.

Mia Moran is a productivity coach who has struck her perfect balance between wellness, work and family life. She supports high achieving, entrepreneurs, who are overwhelmed with the "life" and "wellness" pieces, find their version of balance.

Product #59

Time Optimization For Mental Wellness In Business

Are you struggling to find balance in your entrepreneurial journey? Do you often feel overwhelmed by the demands of running a business while trying to maintain your mental wellness? It's time to take control of your time and well-being, and let Cecilie Aslaksen help you discover the key to sustainable success in entrepreneurship.

Product #60

Learn how to Micro Outsource

Micro Outsourcing is your guide to efficient, low-cost outsourcing. Discover how to start delegating for the price of a pizza.

Say hello to Lynette Chandler! She's a self-taught graphic designer, programmer, and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. Throughout her career, she has poured her heart into crafting design and tech tools, as well as workshops to help other entrepreneurs create digital products fast and market themselves successfully.

Product #61

Stress Management Start Up Strategy Template

If you aren't sure where to start and need ideas for all the areas of your new or existing business, this startup strategy template gives you a blueprint to work from! With Keywords, Target Market Insights, Blog Niche Ideas, Crossover Niche Ideas, and Monetization Ideas, you can start or build on to your existing business or blog.

Jenn Brockman has been online, building websites, blogs, and ecommerce since 2003. What’s become clear is that the hustle and complication isn’t necessary.

Product #62

AI-Powered Audience Targeting Secrets

Learn to use AI to clearly identify your target audience and increase your marketing effectiveness. This on-demand masterclass offers practical techniques for leveraging AI to uncover audience preferences and behaviors. With step-by-step guidance, you can create marketing messages that resonate with your ideal customers.

Andy O'Bryan has over 20 years of experience as a copywriter, having written for hundreds of clients. He is currently the Co-Founder of the AI Success Club, where he integrates cutting-edge AI technology with traditional copywriting techniques to empower marketers and entrepreneurs.

Denise Wakeman is your go-to expert for small business growth. Since 1996, she's led the way in content marketing and AI-driven strategies, always exploring new marketing avenues. An early digital adopter, Denise is an invaluable asset for solo business owners seeking to amplify their reach and revenue.

Product #63

Pixel Alchemy: Create Art with A.I.

Ditch those Midjourney fees and dive into the world of creation using this stunning, FREE platform which is taking the A.I. art world by storm.

Lara Champion is an award-winning television producer, writer and digtal creator who is obsessed with photography, 70's sitcoms and game shows, and her ever-expanding collection of typewriters. She draws inspiration from nature in "the Rouge" on a daily basis which trickles down to her digital creations.

Product #64

AI Powered SEO

After taking AI-Powered SEO, you will know how to use AI tools to skyrocket your SEO. This course makes using SEO to gain organic reach easier than ever before. Get AI-Powered SEO now to skyrocket your traffic!

Becky Beach is a million-dollar digital product seller and coach. With her innovative strategies and expert coaching, Becky has not only carved a niche for herself but has also been featured in prestigious publications like Business Insider and Forbes.

Product #65

A Quickstart Guide to ChatGPT

Use the power of AI to optimise your efficiency for generating traffic in today's competitive market, all without wasting time or spending a fortune. This comprehensive guide offers 126 copy-and-paste prompts meticulously designed to save you time by leveraging the speed of AI to get you the results you need in every facet of your business.

Product #66

Dive into the Future of AI at Work

This event will provide you with a solid foundation in AI, featuring the first four modules of the AI Foundations Black Belt Training.

Enhance your learning with two monthly group coaching sessions, where you can receive expert advice and guidance on deploying AI effectively. 

As a reformed engineer and a linguist, Simon Fawkes loves to use both his analytical and creative talents. I figured out how AI was transformational in leadership training. After exploring other areas, I realized AI could transform entire companies. That's when I founded the Explosive Growth Academy to guide digital business owners dominate using AI.

Product #67

AI for Your Digital Business Owners

There's no denying it - AI is here to stay. If you don't learn how to use it, you'll get left behind. This workshop provides the prompts and step-by-step demonstrations on how to use AI to define your business and marketing strategies, as well as 90 days worth of content, and rough drafts for your lead magnets and digital products.

Crissy Herron is the founder of She's been helping small biz owners start and grow their businesses online since 2007. Her goal is to help small biz owners achieve success on their own terms, and build a business that works for them.

Product #68

The Ultimate AI VA Prompt Playbook for Business Growth

Boost your business growth with our ultimate AI VA playbook featuring 1,000+ AI-driven prompts. Also includes comprehensive guidance on mastering the art of B.R.E.A.D. prompting to enhance productivity, streamline operations, and inspire innovation.

Tawyna Sutherland is a visionary entrepreneur and an early adopter of virtual assistance technology, Tawnya has dedicated her career to exploring how digital tools can optimize business operations. Her insights into AI application stem from firsthand experience and a passion for empowering small businesses.

Product #69

Inner Wisdom Kit

The Inner Wisdom Toolkit, from Jennifer Henczel, is a collection of workbooks and journals designed to empower you to thrive. This toolkit is your gateway to unlocking potential, sparking change, and achieving lasting growth.

✔️Are you prepared to nourish your mind with positivity and abundance, paving the way for effortless thriving?
✔️Ready to embrace the transformative power of your mindset and create a life where thriving is your natural state?
✔️Are you open to shifting your thoughts to ones of love and possibility, allowing you to effortlessly thrive in all areas of your life?

Product #70

My Mental Health Power

In My Mental Health Power we discuss:

*Mindset - confidence, positive thinking, how we may self-sabotage our best efforts and intentions
*The effect food has on a positive mood or in promoting depression
*The benefits of meditation - even if you can't slow down your mind...
*Exercise and movement
*Slow or fast - How to move forward and succeed no matter how quickly (or not) you make changes

It will include a Journal for mind-dumping feelings, mood, gratitude and more

Cheryl A Major has been on a healthy eating journey for many years. More than 10 years ago, she radically changed how she eats removing most process foods, gluten and preservatives as well as sugar. The change in how she feels both physically and emotionally has been the inspiration for her teaching, blogging and the two books she has published.

Product #71

Money Made Simple (A Financial Foundations Guide for Entrepreneurs)

Don't let handling your finances stress you out! Money Made Simple is your comprehensive guide tailored for entrepreneurs seeking financial empowerment. This jam-packed video + digital workbook is designed to equip you with the essential tools and strategies necessary to navigate the complex terrain of personal and business finances. You'll go from the basics to the details, with loads of extra resources such as spreadsheets, articles, and books to help along the way!

Melissa Mittelstaedt is an Accredited Financial Counselor® & Coach. She walks alongside purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to develop a deeper understanding of their finances.

Product #72

How to Gain Rock Solid Confidence as a New Entrepreneur

This package equips you with the tools and strategies to silence self-doubt and build unshakable confidence.  Created by tech veteran Rick Smith, this program offers practical exercises and techniques to help you conquer self-doubt, craft a winning mindset, and project confidence online .

Rick Smith, a tech industry veteran with over 50 years of experience, is putting his knowledge to work in a new way. Through his website, he empowers aspiring online entrepreneurs by sharing his insights and the lessons he's learned. Having faced self-doubt and impostor syndrome firsthand, Rick understands the challenges new entrepreneurs encounter.

Product #73

Ultimate Canva Design Hacks

If you want to create beautiful products and graphics for your business, you don't need to hire a graphic designer... you can be your own graphic designer with Canva. Learn from a Canva Master how to use Canva like a pro (without needing a college degree or hiring a team). Inside, you'll get video training, PDFs of the best keywords to use to find on-brand elements, templates, and more!

Caroline Vencil is a Canva master, creative marketing pro, email marketing lover, and owner of and the Creative Entrepreneur Society. She teaches creative entrepreneurs, makers, and bloggers how to market and sell their products to fund their passions without selling out and feeling gross, and has taught more than 10,000 students how to do it.

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Alpine Virtual Assistants
Official Sponsor of BC Stack

Product #74

Advanced Skills Reading Pinterest Analytics

Carly Campbell, the Pinterest genius behind Pinteresting Strategies and MommyOnPurpose, brings you this video breaking down the Top 10 Mistakes people make when reviewing their Pinterest Analytics.

Product #75

Install a Privacy Policy

With these done-for-you GDPR & CCPA compliant legal templates on your side, you can create your privacy policy and cookie policy in just a few minutes, to protect your blog/biz legally, meet all legal requirements and open up to earning opportunities.

Dr Lucrezia Iapichino is the founder of  LegalsForBusinessOwners™. Lucrezia has worked as an international lawyer and university lecturer in different countries for over 15 years and has helped 30K+ bloggers, course creators, coaches, podcasters and other online entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses and protect them legally with her courses and legal templates.  

Product #76

Use " How People Spend Time and Money Online" to Grow

To get more sales and grow your business, you need to know what's changing. Things like Generative AI, SEO & Social Search, All of Google's big changes, Personalization, Personal Branding, Voice Search, Video Marketing, Micro-Influencer Marketing, etc., etc.

Keeping up with trends in digital marketing is essential. It gives you a significant edge and leads to increased visibility, more  engagement, and more sales.

Rebecca Florence is a certified Coach, and Copywriter, specializing in Minimalist Marketing & Simple Content Strategy. She helps your business grow faster with great core messaging, conversion copywriting, and stress-free content that sells for you!

Product #77

Website Owner's Toolkit

Protecting your website should be a top priority. Yet knowing what information you should have can be confusing and hard to understand.  This bundle of the essentials will show you exactly what you need to have. It saves you time and effort while helping you rest easily knowing your business asset is protected. Everything is included to help you manage and maintain your site, as well as a list of all the details you should have on hand, from accessing your site to knowing who your website host is.

Renee Shupe, owner of Geek in Your Pocket, a website maintenance & security service for tech-overwhelmed business owners, has been working online since 2008.

Product #78

The Coach's Ultimate Pricing and Profitability Planner

The Coach's Ultimate Pricing and Profitability Planner
    •    Learn How to Set or Raise Prices for Your Programs to Exceed Your Revenue Goals

    •    Increase the Profitability of Your Programs and Create a Plan to Scale Your Business
    •    Finally Get Paid What You Deserve by Determining the Number of Clients You Need and Where to Spend Your Time
    •    Create a Complete Profit and Expense Plan for Creating a Sustainable Business

Jay Fairbrother is a serial entrepreneur, business coach and mastermind guru with 30 years of experience starting, buying and selling 7-figure businesses. Jay's story includes losing EVERYTHING after the 2010 financial crisis and rising from the shame to shine as The Mastermind Guy.

Product #79

Essential Website Accessibility Review

In this course, we will cover the basics of website requirements and the top 11 Accessibility Barriers that often trigger ADA demand letters and digital accessibility lawsuits. By the end of the course, you'll have discovered any accessibility issues on your website and created a plan to fix them!

Maigen Thomas is the Founder of Level 11 Technology, an Apprenticeship Agency. She brings 10+ years of experience in enterprise software SaaS product design and a background in full-stack development to her UX and Gamification Design Consulting.

Product #80

The Equitable And Inclusivity Toolkit for Small Business Owners

The Equitable and Inclusivity Toolkit for Small Business Owners is designed to help entrepreneurs reflect on their current practices and take actionable steps to create meaningful change. Build a business with intention & design the workplace you desire using the Equity and Inclusivity Toolkit. Ready to foster a more inclusive business and contribute to a more equitable society?

With a steadfast commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion, Maria Ortega is dedicated to reshaping the business landscape through education, coaching, and strategic advocacy. As a seasoned advocate and thought leader, Maria empowers individuals and businesses to dismantle systemic barriers and cultivate cultures of belonging.

Product #81

Trade Smarter: Advanced Barter Methods for Entrepreneurs and Individuals

Literally EVERYTHING that you'd ever want to know about the world of barter where you buy and sell goods and services without using cash.

Globally, it's a trillion dollar industry, with many aspects that 99.999% of people are oblivious to!

Willie Crawford has been engaged in formal business barter for over a decade, and has done nearly $1 million in cashless transactions, buying and selling all kinds of goods and services.  He was personally mentored by the legendary "Vegas Vince."

Product #82

Go Live in TikTok with 800 Followers in 8 Days

Unlock the power of TikTok and skyrocket your income with our exclusive workshop! Learn how to go LIVE on TikTok to connect with your audience in JUST 8 days with our easy, step-by-step guide.

If you are wanting to grow your audience, get more eyeballs on your products and increase your sales for 2024 but can't figure out how to grow on this platform, HERE is your ANSWER!!

I'm Donna Crenshaw, known as the Fairy Godmother of Repurposing—it's my secret power. TikTok has become a hot platform, but so many people in the online e-commerce world have not yet figured out how to reach the magical mark of 800 followers to go LIVE and connect with their true audience. I am spilling the tea and waving my magic wand to share the tricks and tips to achieve this in just 8 days.

Product #83

Figure Client Enrollment Call Process

The 6-Figure Client Enrollment Program Call Process is designed to equip coaches with the skills and strategies needed to master their enrollment calls. The step-by-step framework guides you through building rapport, handling objections, and closing deals effectively. With this process and proven techniques, you will grow in confidence and show up authentically to serve your clients.

Colin Yearwood is a seasoned sales coach and founder of the Client Enrollment Academy, dedicated to equipping coaches to confidently enroll more clients and grow their coaching businesses. He leverages proven frameworks that empower coaches to be authentically themselves so they can serve their clients impactfully.

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