Share the Word, Share the Wealth

There are so many people who could make oodles of money for their family if they just had the knowledge.

We'd love to help them all, but honestly we can't reach everyone by ourselves. 

So we would love to partner with you.  

When you help us reach more people, we'll share 50% of each sale with you! 

And we'll give them the courses, training and software to really grow their income and business.

Courses, training and software they may never have been able to afford otherwise. 

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Sign Up. We'll give you a special link to share. 


We'll also give you training, pre-written emails, graphics, ads, social media copy . . .


You'll earn 50% commission for every sale. And we pay right away. 


commission on all sales (payable the weekend after the sale). 

2nd Tier Commission.

When the people you refer make their own sales, you make 10% of their sales. For Life!!

Thousands of dollars in cash bonus incentives during each event.


The hardest thing to do when you start an online business is to build a reliable income. 

That's where passive income becomes vital. 

Getting a check from us every year would be fantastic.

Refer customers to us and we'll encourage them to share and make their own sales.  When they do, we'll give you 10% of their sales. For life. 

And you'll add one more income source to your business. 

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