Every year Rachel and I scour the earth 

for the best digital marketing products. 

Our goal is to find the under-the-radar

success stories. People doing the work

instead of spending time talking about the work. 

And then we ask them to be part of our project. 

And every year we gather 65 experts and their products

and we sell them as one "Stack".  

We'd love for you to see what we've done in the past: 

2016    2017    2018    2019    2020

On this page, for this week only

Debbie Gartner wants you to have 

BC STACK 2021 for $32

p.s. We won't let you down. Next year's BC Stack will be better than this year's.

We'll always strive to make them better. 

BC Stack Pricing Schedule

$27 . . . for one week only, for people with complete faith

$34 . . . pre-buy for a few weeks, for people who missed their shot at $27

$39 . . . after we release the names of the contributors (people with less faith)

$47 . . . July 2021 Stack Week 

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