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The Definitive Guide to Setting up Your Social Media

Semester 1, Module 4, Online Class Self Paced

Social Media is a tool. It's not the be all end all, but it does serve a purpose and if used well can really add leverage to your business. In this section we're going to be setting up our Social Media Channels.

BZB101 4-o: Understanding the Facebook Timeline

Janet Slack and Dan Morris discuss the new Facebook Timeline.  Awesome Nuggets + Pretty Pictures = Win!

BZB101 4-1: Setting up Facebook Open Graph
This is a webinar on Facebook Open Graph we did as part of our regular webinar series for FreeWeeklyMastermind (which you're welcome to join).

The video starts with what is Facebook Open Graph.

Then we move on to how to implement it.

Then a bulk of the video, the last half, is us troubleshooting set-up for attendees. So if you have issues, watch the 2nd half. We show how to overcome most problems.

BZB101 4-2: Understanding Facebook's Graph Search

The search bar in Facebook doesn't work too well. . . unless you know the language to write into it.

BZB101 4-3: Understanding the Facebook Timeline

BZB101 4-3: Removing LInks from Status Updates

BZB101 4-4: Getting Comfortable with Twitter

In our series called "getting comfortable with. . . "we explore Twitter today. What is it? How does it work? How do we use it? AND most importanly WHY. . . One thing I love about these calls is if you decide it is not for you. . . you'll never have to wonder. You've got the knowledge.

BZB101 4-5: Using Twitter for Business

BZB101 4-5: What Brands Follow You on Twitter

BZB101 4-6: Twitter Analytics

BZB101 4-7: What Brands Follow You on Twitter
Twitter Glitch 2.0: Solving Twitter Problems [eBook]

<What is Twitter? Let's learn the ropes

Complete Instagram Toolkit

BZB101 4-8: How to find your Direct Messages on Instagram

BZB101 4-9: Sharing Instagram Directly to Your Facebook Brand Page

BZB101 4-10: Sharing Instagram Directly to Your Facebook Brand Page
Let's talk about the social, SEO and money side of Pinterest

Using Hashtags on Pinterest to Grow faster

How to Pin Pages without Pictures

Make Photos go Viral on Pinterest

Pinterest Like Sites PRINTABLE