1. Advanced Marketing Discovery Package ($599):

    I’ll do a complete top to bottom review of your site including SEO, copy, analytics, competition, business name, page rank analysis, webmastertools audit, adsense audit, messaging, funnel, monetization, goals and social media integration. You’ll learn more about your site than you ever thought possible. This review comes with two phone calls to go over what needs to be changed and how to get that done.

2. Complete Keyword Theme Map ($299):

    A Keyword Theme Map shows you what people are searching for in your niche or field of expertise. We then break it down by what keywords you can and should rank for, how to structure them on your site, where they need to link to and be linked from and in what order to tackle them. The list will give you the number of searches per day, the number of sites competing for those keywords, and a keyword comparison index. The map will show you how to put them to work.

3. Weekly Mastermind Group ($177/month):

    2 Times per month we meet for 75 minutes on the phone to go over your business. What direction are you headed? What are your stumbling blocks? What did you accomplish and what should you get done in the next week. The groups consist of 4 – 5 people and are quite through for each participant.

4. Adsense Optimization ($220):

    You would not believe the kind of information you can get from your AdSense Dashboard. Properly set up you can see exactly which ads, which positions, which pages are making you money. You can make decisions to positively affect your revenue every day. Without it set up properly, you’re just relying on hope.

5. Business Continuity Planning Consulting Services (TBD):

    Continuity planning is a combination of testing front end offers, customer acquisition model, financial viability and most importantly the customer’s ladder of value. A continuity plan needs to match the customer’s needs when they need that it. That includes membership models, monthly product shipments, clubs and service agreements. We can help you design a plan that makes sense.

6. Speaking Engagements ($3,000):

dan r morris on deck
    We’ll speak to your audience about how to succeed online in your industry. We’ll make sure your audience understands the role they play in your online venture, how to position yourselves for income and how to create recurring income opportunities online. Most recently I’ve been speaking about:
  • How to determine what role you play in the lives of your customer and how that information will supercharge your monetization plan.
  • Understanding what steps you must take to be found by people looking for you. Google. YouTube. Facebook. Billboards. Business Cards.
  • Got a product or service idea? Let me show you how to prove it will work with data that’s freely available, unaldulterated and important

Check out Dan’s 2014 Speaking Schedule