Branding: The only thing you can brand is a cow

Branding: The only thing you can brand is a cow

The term branding is thrown around by marketers all the time. Seems like there's someone at every conference talking about branding. But for the most part, one crucial piece of information is left out. . . . the only thing you can truly brand is a cow (and that just seems mean).

Branding is the reflection of your marketing and messaging efforts your audience encounters. Your story, logo, customer service, tone in your blog posts and engagement with your community all combine to create your unique and identifiable brand. These are the things your readers and customers come in contact with every time they visit your site, your social media properties and you.

Your brand is how they feel about you despite or because of your messaging. Does your brand work for you? Or against you? 

This ebook will help you figure that out. 

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