Image Rules: Tips, Tricks and Rules for Fantastic Images

Image Rules: Tips, Tricks and Rules for Fantastic Images

Why do images matter?

We’re talking about images and design. Images have been the illustration of stories, political cries, branding, and culture since the beginning of time. And now in a world saturated with images you have the unique opportunity to make your images for your site shine, stand out, and be memorable. Since we are such an image driven culture the images that we produce - for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more - all make a difference in our overall brand. In fact, the images often represent our brand more than the words, content, and information produced. Sometimes the images are the gatekeeper and filter for our branding. Some companies invest 10-15% of their overall budget on content/image creation since images are such an integral part of marketing.

What does that mean? Don’t let your images be a second thought.

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