The Motive Matrix

The Motive Matrix

In this guide, we’re talking about the marketing calendar again. We’re going to be speaking with Carrie Wilkerson of among other things. Our focus is to figure out how do we put time into our schedule to move our business forward? We had been talking about putting time in our calendar for projecting when we’re going to be talking about certain things. We’ve been talking about product launch, how to put those into your calendar, how to use a product launch to launch other things. We’re talking about many parts of the calendar from the marketing perspective on the outside so today we’re going to talk about the inside.

I’ve asked Carrie Wilkerson to be on the call because she devised something she calls the Motive Matrix. I’d like to get Carrie on the phone and we’re going to talk about what the Motive Matrix is and how it’s going to improve your focus, your efficiency, your sense of urgency and moving your business forward on purpose.

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