TEDx Nashville – Greg Stielstra

On April 9, 2011 TEDx Nashville took place at Tennessee’s Performing Arts Center (TPAC). It was a day filled with great folks, great speeches and equally wonderful speakers. My favorite, by far, was given by Greg Stielstra. Greg authored the book PyroMarketing, which I highly recommend for anyone interested in marketing.

Greg covered a variety of topics, all building upon one another until he made the case that it only takes changing 5% of the population to change the entire population’s behavior. That could be your audience, your city, your country. Even though we’re all individuals, our choices are highly influenced by those we interact with. That sense of “group think”, “Lemming leadership” and “social proof” work together to make Social Media what it is.

Please, watch how Greg cleverly explains why the new Social Marketing Paradigm is logically replacing the mass media strategies of old. It’s not just an entertaining speech; it’s truly a wake up call to marketers. Ultimately, if you don’t understand how people behave, you won’t be able to affect their decisions.

Also on the TEDx Nashville schedule that I’d recommend watching are David Mead’s talk on Amateurism. Amateurism was a great title, but it doesn’t really describe it for the unknowing. David eloquently explains how taking on the role of an amateur in his own life and business has really made all the difference in his love of life, joy in his job and appreciation for what he really brings to the world.

And on a bit of a lighter note, Roger Cook’s song and talk about the history of Coca-Cola was pretty cool. Roger wrote the song “I’d like to teach the world to sing” which became Coke’s mantra and help propel Coke to marketing stardom. I’ll find that and will post it soon. Stay tuned!