"Podcasting Brilliance. What I would have paid to be a fly on the wall that day."

Imagine all the wisdom you could glean from Hall of Fame Podcasters, Six-Figure Podcasters, & 15 Million Download Podcasters all talking about the pitfalls and triumphs of podcasting. Now you can! 

There Are So Many A-Ha Moments. . . 

That's all we want, right?  

We want golden nuggets.

We want the nuggets to be so amazing

we can't wait to put down the book and

get back to work.  

This book is chock full of those.

This book is for you if. . . 

You have any of these questions roaming around in your head 

Why would people listen to me? 

Do people really want to hear about my life? 
Am I even qualified to be a podcaster?

Can an introvert find success in podcasting? 

You won't believe how many of the stories answer these questions.

How do you get started podcasting? Just give me the brass tacks low down.
Honestly, how much time does it take to podcast?

Can I podcast without spending a ton of money?
Where can I record? I don't think I have a place.

These questions are answered and the answers are pure gold. 

How do I know if I should be a podcaster or a blogger or a vlogger? 

How to Choose a Niche and then know if it is narrow enough?
Or how do I broaden my niche or even change directions? 

How better to answer these than true professionals? Hall of Fame podcasters?

Of all things, can a podcast grow our business?
What are the keys to building a podcast audience using social media? 
What can a podcast really lead to? 

Not only these but there are so many moments of truth in these conversations that will blow you away. They answer questions you didn't even know you had.


Dan Klass host of The Bitterest Pill and Podcast Hall of Fame Inductee

Dave Jackson host of The School of Podcasting and Podcast Hall of Fame Inductee

Connie Ragen Green host of Praestabilis Podcast and Best Selling Author

Michelle Abraham host of AmplifyYou Podcast and one of the TOP 50 Moms in Podcasting.

RJ Redden host of the BotDoJo Podcast and technology coach since 1998

Scott Paton has produced / co-hosted 45 podcasts and has over 500,000 students in his Udemy courses

Anjel B Hartwell host of the 5x Award Winning Wickedly Smart Women Podcast

Rebecca Caroe host of the Rowing Chat Podcast and BBC Commentator at the Olympics

Krystal Proffitt host of The Proffitt Podcast, Speaker and Best Selling Author

Christine Blosdale host of Out of the Box With Christine and recently named an "Icon of Influence"

Mark Deal host of the U.S. Immigration Podcast and founder of Podcast Guest Academy

Aaron Brown host of the Great Northern Radio Show and podcast producer of Dig Deep.

Andrew Wang is a financial adviser and host of Inspired Money Podcast 

Dan R Morris host of Tracing The Path Podcast and co-Owner of Audience Industries

Steve Olsher host of Reinvention Radio, founder of Podcast Magazine and NYT Best Selling Author

Danny Ozment host of several podcasts and full-time Podcast Production Engineer

Carrie Caulfield Arick founder of Ya Ya Podcasting and Podcasting Production Expert 

Lindsey Anderson host of the Build and Monetize Podcast and best selling author

Tracy Hazzard host of five top ranked podcasts and columnist for Inc. Magazine

Chris Curran host of Podcast Engineering Show producer of Forbes's podcast

Gordon Firemark host of the Entertainment Law Update Podcast and lawyer to the Stars.

Jeni Wren Stottrup host of the Gritty Birds Podcast and actual rock star musician. 

Joel Sharpton host of Trivial Warfare Trivia,  podcast producer, and prolific audio book narrator 

Tanner Campbell host of Good Morning Podcasters and creator of Podcast Launch Accelerator

Ken Theriot runs Home Brew Audio and teaches podcasters and musicians how to record like professionals, at home. 

Brittany Bennion host of Posed for Success podcast and creator of the Content Collective. 

Kyle Bondo host of Podwrecked and MerchantsOfDirt Podcasts

Eric Hunley host of Unstructured Podcast and Human Behavior YouTube Channel Superstar


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