From Dan and Rachel,

The two of us are giddy-excited to share with you our 4th Annual BC Stack to invigorate your business and inspire your work this year.

We have had 194 Contributors in the last few years and are excited to bring you these 65. We hope you recognize a few but mainly we want to bring you new people who are doing amazing things.  

Just what is BC Stack?


Each of these 65 products is a full course, class, training, book or other format. None of them are "free giveaways" and a few were created just for Stack. They are divided into  9 Categories. . .

Writing & Book Marketing Products
Podcasting and Video
Marketing and Business Growth
Social Media
Monetization Strategies
Building a Business
Digital Marketing Tools

We hope you love them. We truly enjoy picking out the product mix each year.

Writing & Book Marketing

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I just purchased BCStack from my dear friends over at BloggingCon - and I can't wait to dive into all the goodies.

Nicole Mildren

Champagne to Crayons


By the way BC Stack is an outstanding value. It is worth by far more than the $37

Helen Wray
Magazine Editor


I'm new to the blogging world, but was a book publisher. I see SO MANY AMAZING things in the Stack. 

Linda King
Linda King Photography

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Marketing & Business Growth

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Podcasting & Video


BC Stack is one of the best products I've ever bought. True you have to do a little work sorting. But I have found the value to be outstanding. 

Pat Snow

Pat Snow Business Coaching


Thank you for the great customer service and thank you again for the great product. I look forward to learning tons from it. 

Maralee McKee
Manners Mentor


I can't believe how good this is. The BC Stack disproves the saying that something is too good to be true.  It is. I've been working through the spreadsheet. Buying it was a no brainer.

Lia Peele
/Lia Peele

Get BC Stack now.

Social Media


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Monetization Strategies


I got BC Stack last year and loved it.


Aysha Iqbal

Unlimited Income Now


Let's just say I'm still UNPACKING the amazingness this Stack comes with.  You can use it in MANY aspects of business, seriously. 

Tonia L. Clark
Why Not Mom


All I want is a babysitter for a week so I can dig into BC Stack. Holy CHeesits. Have you ever seen so much good stuff in one bundle? Thanks Dan and Rachel!

Lara Stoots Molettiere
Everyday Graces Homeschool

Building a Business

Get BC Stack now! 

Digital Marketing Tools

Get BC Stack Now!

There is no product overlap. If you purchased any of the previous year's Stacks, you won't be getting any duplicates this year.

After you press the purchase button, you'll be sent an email with a link to the products page.  That's where you get access to the products. It's virtually instant. 

There are no coupon codes or discounts out there, however, affiliates make a 50% commission and just about everyone makes their money back by sharing it (many make thousands).


How do I become an affiliate and make a commission for sales?

We would love it if you wanted to help share BC Stack. There is so much good stuff in here and we can't reach everyone who needs it on our own.  Sign up at or end an email to and we'll get back to you almost immediately.
Why is it $47? It seems too good to be true.

The whole idea of BC Stack is to introduce you to new experts and introduce them to you. For the experts this is a chance to get in front of thousands and thousands of people they couldn't get in front of otherwise. And since it is only one week, they are willing to provide their products to BC Stack just for the chance to meet you.

On the flip side, we can't reach the entire world on our own. So we ask you to help share it with your friends, audience and community AND we use the $47 to help pay you a 50% commission and bonuses. It's just a great project for everyone. 

How does the buying process work?

When you click the BUY button, you'll be sent to the checkout page where you will be asked for your name, email and username info. Then you'll be taken to PayPal. There you can pay by PayPal or credit card. When you finish the transaction you have to press "Return to Merchant" button . . . that's an annoying step. Then you'll be taken to the products page. And you'll also get an email with the link. 

How long do I have to access the products?

You'll have till August 9th,  which is 60 days to register/download or grab the products.  But once you do that, you get to keep them forever. On the products page, you'll see if any have other time limits. For instance a live stream ticket to a conference has a specific date.  eBooks you download to your computer, eCourses come to your email. You just have to go get/download/register/sign-up in the next 60 days. After that you can take your time to consume them. 

Which products will I receive?

You will receive access to all the products listed on the BC Stack sales page. (And I'll send you some unannounced stuff via email). They are yours to grab until August 9th . . . the you get to keep them forever. But you have 60 days to go get them.  I send instructions via email. 

How do I access and/or download the products in BC Stack?

Once you purchase BC Stack you will receive an email with a link to the downloads page. All instructions on how to access them are in the email and on the downloads page. Now, not all of these are downloads. A livestream pass to a conference is not a download, nor is access to a UDEMY course, or a software membership. So each product has a different redemption path. Some are downloads, others you register for, etc. . .

I do not have a PayPal Account? Is there another way to pay?

Yes!!  The great thing about PayPal is you can make purchases there by credit card.  Just below the login part is a link to use your credit card.

I do not have a downloads page link. What do I do?

Check your Spam and Junk folders first.  Most of the time if they are lost, you'll find them there. Then wait at least 15 minutes after you purchase. I'm not really in charge of how long it takes your internet provider to deliver email.  And then if those don't work, email me:  and I'll take care of it.

I can not download or access the products, what do I do?

Check your Spam and Junk folders first.  Most of the time if they are lost, you'll find them there. Then wait at least 15 minutes after you purchase. I'm not really in charge of how long it takes your internet provider to deliver email.  And then if those don't work, email me:  and I'll take care of it.

Can I purchase just part of BC Stack?

No, but you don't have to download them all. Plus our goal is to make sure every product has a retail value of at least $47. That way if you only use one thing, you still get a great deal.

Can I buy last year's Stack?

Sadly, no. We didn't set it up with the experts that way last year. . . that may be something we do in the future.

Can I purchase hard copies of the books and products?

Sure. We can do that. We can put things on DVD, thumb drive or CD. Just email us at and we'll tell you how much that will cost.  But most of the things aren't books . . they're tickets, software, webinars . . . that just can't be put on a disk.

How can I access my products on the iPad / Kindle / Phone or otherwise?

You should have no problem whatsoever. You may need to download a pdf reader . . if you don't have one. Otherwise, you shouldn't need anything special.

Can I share my BC Stack products with others?

Yes and No. We would love for you to share the opportunity to buy BC Stack. That's why we have an affiliate program. If you would like to make a commission for sharing, email me and I'll make that happen. Otherwise, we ask that you don't just send the products to others. The experts are doing this on good faith and are expecting you to operate the same way. 

Do you offer refunds?

No, there are no refunds,. Once you purchase BC Stack you have full access to these products. We have the rule because you could buy the Stack, then download or register for everything, then ask for a refund. When I was a teen I worked at Blockbuster Video and remember people coming in telling me they didn't like the video they rented and asked for their money back. That wasn't a thing either. BUT we will make sure you get everything you paid for . . . and some bonuses. 

None of these FAQ's answered my question or solved my problem.

Email us. We'll help.


  • Please remember to back up your files.
    We are unable to send you copies of the e-books that have been deleted or lost.
  • Each of the e-books in BC Stack is copyrighted by the original author.
  • Your purchase does not entitle you to share the files or upload them anywhere online where others can access them.
  • Sharing e-books, courses, videos and audios is theft and steals from the authors who work so hard to create these wonderful resources, so please make sure that you are respecting their copyrights (and you can always point others in the direction of their websites)
  • Due to the limited time offer, Blogging Concentrated will not be offering refunds. However, they WILL make sure that you get what you’d paid for!
  • Thank you.