Welcome to the 5th Annual

Podcaster's Kit

35 Top Podcasting Experts From Around The World Have Come Together To Give You Their Best Trainings and Courses Worth $4,238 - For Only $47!

What is Podcaster's Kit?

Podcaster's Kit at its core is a "Stack" of products that enable you to go from starting a podcast, to gaining listenership on 161 different directories.

In it are 35+ courses, products and trainings, from the biggest podcasting experts around the world. If you're excited about creating an amazing podcast that actually makes money, we exist for you.

Podcaster's Kit is available one week every year. This is that week! There is never a duplicated course or product.

Welcome to the 5th Annual Podcaster's Kit.

Why do you need Podcaster's Kit?

We really, really want to make it easy for you to accomplish your goal of a successful podcast. One of the factors that slows people down is spending money to learn stuff before you're actually making money. 

With podcasting I'd say it's hard for most people even to see how they'd make their money back. 

So we want to give you the chance to learn everything you need to learn, for just pennies. All these things would cost you $4K+ which means you'd just get a couple at a time. 

Today you get them all right now for $47

You Need To Grow Your Podcast

When I started podcasting, the only thing I wanted was a clear, easy path to getting it done. I didn't want to ask 100 questions in 13 different Facebook groups.

If you're like me you really just want to get it going. Even if you're 210 episodes in I bet you just want to grow it bigger. 

That's Why We Created Podcaster's Kit!

Get 35 Training Programs, Guides, Books, Courses

Stop the wild goose chase to learn what you need to learn

Meet 35 Experts You Never Would Have Met

Spend hardly any money AND STILL get everything you need

It's Super Simple . . .

1. Scroll down to see all the products in Podcaster's Kit this year. For $47 you get them all. 

2. Buy the kit before the countdown timer hits zero. It's only available this week. 

3. Check your email for the confirmation link - click that and go grab all the products.



1. Thinking of starting a podcast?
2. Need to know how to get it up and going?
3. Become very efficient producing it
4. Grow your listeners, audience and downloads
5. The complete world of guests/being a guest
6. The art of monetizing
7. Community, legal and more

Level 1: Thinking of Starting a Podcast?

Overcome Your Fears Interview Series and Book

Imagine all the wisdom you could glean from Hall of Fame Podcasters, Six-Figure Podcasters, & 15 Million Download Podcasters all talking about the pitfalls and triumphs of podcasting. Now you can! Hear stories (or Read the book) from the podcasters the likes of:
Dan Klass * Dave Jackson * Connie Ragen Green * Scott Paton * Michelle Abraham * RJ Redden * Rebecca Caroe * Steve Olsher * Carrie Caufield Arick * Lindsey Anderson * Tracy Hazzard * Chris Curran * Aaron Brown * Gordon Firemark * Christine Blosdale * Jeni Wren Stottrup * Joel Sharpton * Tanner Campbell * Ken Theriot * Dan R Morris * Brittany Bennion * Anjel B Hartwell * Kyle Bondo * Danny Ozment * Eric Hunley * Andrew Wang * Mark Deal * Krystal Proffitt

Improve Your Vocal and Visual Confidence for Deeper Connection

This self-paced video class improves vocal clarity, tone, pacing, and speed. Ideal for anyone who uses their voice on video and podcasts, or in public speaking. Additionally, you'll learn to establish a calm presence and return to it even when unexpected things like tech glitches and unplanned questions happen during your show. You'll be able to put guest speakers at ease while creating deeper connections with your listeners.

Laura Donnelly is hired by small business owners to teach them to implement Flow in their growing their businesses because most are overwhelmed, stressed out, feel like they’re working as hard as they can but not getting ahead. Laura teaches people to listen to the messages their body sends them. 

The "Deeper Why" for Your Podcast (Podcast Preparation and Alignment)

Unlock the transformative potential of podcasting and embark on a soulful journey of self-expression with "Podcasting With Purpose." If you're ready to start your own podcast as an expression of a greater calling within you, this workshop is your gateway to a profound connection with your inner purpose.

Podcasting is a potent instrument for sharing your unique message, connecting with others, and living a life in alignment with your true calling. In this training, we delve into the essence of your "Why" from a soul-level perspective, using the wisdom of astrology to understand your soul's journey in this lifetime. Your birth chart reveals insights into your communication style, inherent strengths, and your life's purpose, offering a deeper understanding of your podcasting potential.

Dr. Cameron Martin is a Soul Purpose Coach & Astrologer. His mission is to support people in discovering their soul's purpose and living in alignment with their Higher Self. He hosts the Path and Purpose™ Podcast where he talks with guests from all walks of life exploring the many paths to living their soul's purpose.

Profitable Podcaster 5-Figure Podcast Analysis

Dive into the "Profitable Podcaster 5-Figure Podcast Analysis," a meticulously crafted personality test designed to unveil the unique characteristics of your podcasting style.

  • Maximize Content Impact: Fine-tune your podcast's content strategy
  • Tailor Your Approach for Maximum Monetization: Gain insights into fine-tuning your podcast
  • Strategize for Sponsorships: Learn how to position your podcast to be irresistible to potential sponsors.
  • Boost Your Earnings: Implement practical, tailored strategies to escalate your earnings and step confidently into the realm of 5-figure podcasting.

Raven Blair Glover is a podcast business strategist who specializes in helping passionate podcasters and broadcasters transform their shows from hobbies into thriving Five-figure businesses. 

Level 2: Need to Get Your Podcast Up and Going?  

Complete Podcast Power Pack Launch Toolkit 🚀 

Let's get your podcast out of the 'what do I even do with this microphone?' phase and into the 'listeners can't get enough' stratosphere! 🌟 Buckle up because this 'The Podcaster's Power Pack' is your first-class ticket to the big leagues!

First, inside the 'Ultimate Podcast Launch Toolkit,' you'll find everything but the kitchen sink. It's packed with checklists, pro tips, and secret podcasting handshakes that'll have you launching like the pros. 🚀

Because I know the terror of the blank calendar, say goodbye to the dreaded creative block with 'One Year of Content Ideas in One Hour.' Imagine unleashing a tsunami of topics, themes, and killer content that'll have your audience glued to their headphones all year. 

Krystal Proffitt is a Podcast Coach, Content Strategist, and host of the award-winning show The Proffitt Podcast. She specializes in helping content creators create with confidence and has published over 1,300 podcast episodes, and she knows what it takes to keep creating year after year.

Podcasting 101: Kickstart Your Podcast

Got these questions? I did. So I put together a course to answer them. 

• I have no idea how or where to start. 
• What if no one listens to my show? 
• My voice sounds terrible when I listen back.
 • I’m afraid of rambling. 
• What am I going to podcast about? 
• Am I going to need to spend a shed load on equipment? 
• I know absolutely nothing about editing.

Wayne Denner has been developing businesses since his early teens – starting with Wayne’s Mobile Disco Roadshow to co-founding Ireland’s first Social Networking platform - so he's learned a thing or two in business and from being an early adopter in the social media space – and there is still so much to learn.

169 Item Podcast Producer's Checklist

If you're not doing 169 things to get your podcast from zero to successful, this is the blueprint you need.  Everything from setting up your podcast to recording, marketing, interviewing and editing.

Compilation Masters This is a compilation of 6 different professional podcasters' checklists put into one document. 

Royalty Free Music Tracks, Sound Effects and Graphics

Get access to our full library of music, sound effects, graphics, photos, website buttons and images. As a podcaster you need 

  • 479 Music Tracks
  • 164 Sound Effects
  • Hundreds of Graphics and more
  • Editing with Descript Deep Dive Challenge

    Elevate your Podcast Production & Promotion. Descript is the future of Audio and Video Editing! Imagine this: upload your audio or video, generate a transcript and then effortlessly delete any unwanted words, right from within the transcript. Yes, it's that simple! You edit the video through the words! What!? It's truly mind-blowing!

    Jennifer Henczel is an award winning Podcaster, Author, and Founder of the Women in Podcasting Network and Elevating You Club. She is known for her ability to build inspiring, supportive and collaborative communities. Now, she helps others with monetizing their message and generating extra income from their expertise for more impact and influence. She loves creating opportunities for women to connect and collaborate in meaningful ways.

    Cracking the Podcast Code

    Forget the trial-and-error torture. It's time for a no-BS, down-to-earth, step-by-step playbook that catapults you into the podcasting stratosphere. We're talking about a loyal legion of followers, an engaged community, and yes, the cha-ching of consistent cash flow.

    With 'Cracking the Podcast Code,' you’re not just getting tips; you're getting a vault of insider secrets:

    • How to craft podcast episodes that stick to listeners like superglue.
    • Tricks to transform your natural voice (no radio voice needed) into your secret sales weapon.
    • The foolproof map from launching to monetizing — so simple, yet so overlooked!
    • And much, much more...

    From Al Jensen

    Level 3: Become Very Efficient Producing Your Podcast  

    Quickly Submit Your Podcast to these 161 Directories

    This does not exist anywhere on the Internet, until now. This is literally hours and hours of research looking for directories and networks (and other places) that want your Podcast. There's even a radio station that plays podcasts from the feed. There are networks for things like science fiction, professional talk, paranormal, and entrepreneurship. Many in English speaking foreign countries.

    Just like you all of these places are trying to grow. So if you're in their network, they're actually working to grow your show. 

    Little Known Hacks to Podcast Marketing

    There are many ways to market your show, but how do you know what works and doesn't work? I have gathered all of the little known Hacks that podcasters may not know about that allowed us to take our show to the top 1% and eventually sell the show. I also have created a guide that puts all of this together.  

    Sean Douglas is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, TEDx Speaker, International Podcast Host of Create Launch Monetize Podcast, and Bestselling Author. He believes that you were created for a purpose, and once you unlock your true potential, you will elevate your life. Sean works with Entrepreneurs, Speakers, and Business Owners to improve their Positioning in the Market, increasing Profitability while decreasing anxiety and stress so their business thrives.

    Set Your Goals Workbook

    You've been there. You want to make changes in your life, but don’t know where to start. Your audience is no different. Maybe the way they are setting their goals now isn't working. Maybe they have trouble organizing their thoughts and intentions. Whatever it is, they need guidance. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you can be the one to do that? But you don't have time to build a full course. You want something simple to test the waters and perhaps build your list at the same time. You can!

    Lynette Chandler is a web developer who gets digital marketing. Marketers have called her their secret weapon since 2004. She enjoys discovering technical solutions that grow and support businesses online.

    How to 10x Your Podcast Production with A.I.

    AI is revolutionizing the world. As a podcaster, discover how AI can transform your entire process while saving you hours and hours. It is possible that AI could even replace your voice on your podcasts. Actually it can.

    Be amazed as AI summarizes your podcast, gives you ten title options, transcribes your show, writes ten tweets, pulls around 8 quotes for quote images, automatically makes 20 #shorts or reels from a 30 minute episode, and minuscule more.

    Scott PatonPodcasting since 2005, Scott has hosted over 45 podcasts and has over 500,000 students in his podcasting courses on Udemy.

    Level 4: Grow Your Listeners, Audience and Downloads

    Breaking news: how to make your podcast the story

    How to get people writing about your podcast and spreading the news about it. After writing over one and a half thousand newsletters, the Editor of Podnews, James Cridland, knows what works to get your show the coverage it deserves. 

    James Cridland has worked in audio since 1989 is Editor of Podnews, the daily podcast newsletter. He is a radio futurologist, an award-winning copywriter, radio presenter, and internet strategist.

    He launched the world’s first streaming radio smartphone app in March 2005, for the original Virgin Radio in London, launching daily podcasts earlier that year.

    In 2007 he joined the BBC working on the BBC iPlayer for radio, achieving a dramatic increase in the service’s audio quality.

    How To Effortlessly Attract, Engage & Retain 1000s of New Listeners Through Podcast SEO + Our NEW Demand Based Content Method

    What if you could get your show recommended to 1,000s of new listeners each day, without constantly having to promote on social media? What if you could rank your podcast on Page 1 of Apple and Spotify and be shown to eager listeners who are looking for your content?

    What would this newfound exposure do for you, even if only a fraction of those listeners started tuning in?

    This is what Podcast SEO could do for you. This has nothing to do with websites, tags, long show notes, or even blogs... And has EVERYTHING to do with ranking higher on Apple & Spotify where the listeners you want to reach are.

    In training, we're revealing our Page 1 Framework to increase your organic exposure on Apple & Spotify.

    Daniel Larson

    Leveraging Podcasts from Both Sides of the Mic: Strategies to Attract, Convert, and Monetize

    Podcasting has evolved from a niche medium to a cultural phenomenon that has reshaped the way we consume information and connect with one another. In the world of audio & video content, podcasts are the undisputed kings, offering an intimate, on-demand platform for individuals to share their stories, expertise, and passions with a global audience. However, it's not just about entertainment and storytelling; podcasting has become a powerful tool for professionals and businesses alike to achieve their goals, whether it be to attract and convert ideal clients or to monetize their efforts.

    In this e-book, we will explore the multifaceted world of podcasting and reveal how you can harness its potential, whether you are a podcast host or a guest. You will discover the five key strategies to attract and convert your ideal clients using podcasting, as well as five strategies to monetize your podcasting efforts effectively.

    Patty Farmer

    Podcast Growth Machine: Use our 150K Monthly Listeners Method to Grow Your Podcast and Create an Audience of Eager Buyers (Without Posting Non-Stop on Social Media or Paying for Ads)

    In this training, you'll learn exactly how coaches, consultants, experts and business owners with podcasts can plug into the same system that grew our podcast audience to 150,000 monthly listeners in only 8 months.

    Join us to discover...

    - How to use our organic "set it and forget it" strategy to continuously grow your podcast listeners 24/7 without spending a lot of time, energy or any money on paid ads.

    - Proactive Attraction and how you can leverage a simple success-driven model to attract an audience of eager buyers and dream clients.

    - The "Own It to Grow It" method that allows you to truly leverage other people's audiences to grow your podcast fast.

    After we show you exactly how to grow your podcast audience, we'll give you the next steps for how you can turn those listeners into a flood of leads and sales for your business.

    Evans Putnam is a business consultant for visionary business owners,  the Founder of Podcast Profit School and creator of the Podcast ATM Business Model. In his previous business, he developed and used his unique, new method - The Podcast ATM Model - to take that business beyond 7 figures and to grow an audience of 4.5 million listeners - organically - without paid ads. 

    Write the Podcast/ Radio/TV Pitch That Wows 'Em

    Podcasters need different kinds of media -- to promote their shows to can grow an audience! And while you've been on the receiving end and seen the good and the bad, do you know what goes into a REALLY effective pitch letter that will make you a "must-have" guest for someone else?

    In this masterclass, you will discover what it takes to write a compelling pitch letter that will get you booked for interviews on podcasts, radio and even TV! You'll learn an easy way to fill up your calendar with interviews! Discover:

    • Where to find the right media for your pitch
    • How to craft an irresistible pitch letter
    • How to write a bull's eye subject line that gets them to open the email
    • How to follow up to get their attention!

    Jackie Lapin

    Use podcast player app banner ads to consistently grow your podcast audience

    In this training I will teach you a simple strategy that will allow you to grow your podcast audience at a fraction of the price of any Facebook or Instagram ad campaign you've ever run. Podcast player app banner ads will take just minutes to set up and you will be putting your podcast info directly in front of your ideal potential listeners for your show. In this training I will teach you how to run banner ads on my three favorite platforms so that you can efficiently invest in your show growth and get consistent growth month after month. 

    Adam Schaeuble is a full time podcaster, podcasting business consultant, and the host of the Apple Top 100 ranked podcast Podcasting Business School. Adam uses his three phase Podcasting Business Accelerator process to help coaches, consultants, and service providers leverage podcasting to generate a 6 figure income stream while subtracting at least ONE day from their work week.

    How to Reach Your Exact Target Market in 20 Minutes per Day

    My morning coffee is often the most productive part of my day. These :20 minutes have grown my podcast more than anything else I do and I wanted to share that with you. There is a way to reach "your people" everyday in a way that gets them excited to listen to your podcast. 

    Dan R Morris is the CEO of Audience Industries. His podcast Tracing The Path is heralded to by the founders of the Oregon Trail game, Ken Jennings, Ripley's Believe it or Not, Paul Harvey, Jr., the National Holocaust Museum, and boomers everywhere.

    Grow your Show with TikTok and Reels Videos

    Creating Dynamic TikToks and Reels to Grow Your Brand

    Level up your brand with this two week workshop 90 minute workshop where you'll learn how to create engaging TikToks and Reels to skyrocket your brand.

    The workshop is led by Digital Media Coach Jeni Wren Stottrup of GrittyBirds Media and The Podcasters Forum, who has led workshops and spoken on creating and marketing media for podcasters nationally for the last 7 years. She has been creating and promoting media and events for over 15 years, originating in the music industry as a singer, event producer and journalist under the name Jeni Wren before moving into podcasting and video with her show and brand, Grittybirds. She is the owner of Gritty Birds Media where she supports clients to create and grow their businesses through the power of podcasts, video marketing, digital strategy and branding. Jeni lives in Portland, Oregon and loves climbing the stairs at her neighborhood volcano, Mt Tabor and taking her friends dogs for walks.

    Get Your Show Featured in Academic Journals

    This guide Academic Podcasting is the communication of scholarly knowledge. We created this guide for seasoned producers and podcast newcomers alike. Become knowledgable on the podcast basics, determining a budget, planning and scheduling content, the tech of podcasting, recording, editing, journal publication, marketing on scholarly platforms, preserving your podcast, and getting grants. 

    Stacey Copeland is a supervising producer at Amplify Podcast Network  Joseph-Bombardier (CGS) PhD candidate at Simon Fraser University's School of Communication. Her doctoral research delves into sound studies, queer culture, radio history, feminist research methods, and of course podcasting.

    Hannah McGregor is the co-director of Amplify Podcast Network, and an Assistant Professor of Publishing at Simon Fraser University and the host of Witch, Please and Secret Feminist Agenda.  She specializes in podcasting as scholarly communication.

    Level 5: The Complete World of Guest/Guesting

    Pitch Yourself Like A Pro (to get on podcasts)

    Ready to explode your podcast's growth? In my opinion, the secret sauce to getting more eyes on your show and more leads in your business is through strategic podcast guesting. 

    Inside the Pitch Like a Pro Bundle, you'll get access to the Perfect Your Podcast Pitch Workshop, podcast pitch management trackers in both Airtable and Google Sheets, and access to a private student only community where you can ask me anything about pitching yourself to podcasts. 

    Jenny Suneson is a podcast strategist and the founder of the podcast management agency, the Savvy Podcast Agency. The Savvy Podcast Agency helps entrepreneurs launch and grow their podcasts and start turning their listeners into leads.

    Energize Your Guests with Their Best-Ever Show Experience

    "This is by far my favorite podcast I have ever done."

    What can make your guests say that about your show? A guest experience so enjoyable, unique, and memorable, they can't wait to share your podcast with their family, friends, and audience. You'll learn how to captivate your guest at every touchpoint with your podcast:

    Booking and pre-interview
    Thank you
    Sharing out the episode

    You'll have the tools to become your guest's new favorite show, grow your podcast audience, and open the door for business opportunities.

    Max Branstetter is the Founder & Podcast Producer at MaxPodcasting, a podcast production business, where he's edited over 1,000 podcast episodes and helped launch over two dozen podcasts. He's the Host of the Wild Business Growth Podcast, featuring over 260 wild entrepreneurs including the minds behind WordPress, Stacy's Pita Chips, NFL RedZone, Big Mouth Billy Bass, and the voice of Bart Simpson. He writes the Podcasting to the Max newsletter, where podcasting meets entrepreneurship

    Unlock New Opportunities: Boost Your Startup Through Podcast Guesting

    Welcome to “Mastering Podcast Guesting for Business Growth”, a course designed to equip you with the necessary tools to effectively harness the power of podcast guesting to boost your business visibility and reach new audiences. This course offers an extensive overview of strategies, methods, and practical advice that will position you as a sought-after guest in the podcasting world, helping you tap into this untapped marketing avenue.

    • Entrepreneurs seeking to grow their business by reaching out to broader audiences
    • Business owners wanting to enhance their brand visibility through alternative marketing avenues
    • Professionals looking to build personal branding by becoming industry thought leaders
    • Marketing professionals intent on gaining knowledge about non-traditional promotional channels

      Molly Ruland is the CEO of Heartcast Media. For the last 22 years she has worked with and produced content for countless businesses, large and small.  Her life’s passion revolves around elevating and amplifying voices, both in my community and beyond. She currently produces content for NATO, Atlantic Council, DC Government, Miller & Chevalier, and other organizations, businesses, and brands. She formed Heartcast Media because she knew that digital content is the future and that every business can benefit in countless ways when it is produced with a clear strategy and intention.

    Have Experts Knocking On Your Door To Be A Guest

    What is The Actively Established Podcast Formula? It is the Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Highly Successful (Top 1%) 'Actively Established' Podcaster ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐

    Did you know that 90% of podcasters fail? That means only 10% make it! The craziest part is that only 59k of the more than 2M podcasts remain active year after year! (FACT: This 59k are the ones with all of the influence and thriving shows!)

    Alex Sanfilippo  is an entrepreneur who is the CEO and founder of PodPros, a software company focused specifically on the podcasting industry. He is also a podcast host of the top-rated podcast called Podcasting Made Simple and a lead educator in podcasting.

    Level 6: The Art of Monetizing Podcasts

    Complimentary Tickets (2) to Podapalooza  

    Podapalooza is a fast paced fun day for Podcasters and Speakers. In the main room you'll have training from Kimberly and Michelle and several other speakers on topics like how to monetize your show, how to sell high ticket, how to audit your show  etc and then out VIP get to go into the Poditorium where they are 

    Interviewed by our Featured podcasters on there show right there! Its the hottest newest event in the podcasting space! 

    Kimberly Crowe is a master of the stage and the broadcast personality host of Speakers Playhouse.  She is the founder of Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel and the predominant expert on audience engagement.  Her passion is helping entrepreneurs and speakers connected with speaking opportunities to share their passion and build their own base of loyal, raving fans.

    Michelle Abraham is the host of Amplify You with Podcasting, Michelle Abraham is an international speaker, Podcast Producer and voted #14 of the top 50 Moms in Podcasting  in 2020 and 2021 Michelle is the Category Director for Kids and Family for Podcast Magazine. Michelle and her team have launched well over 300 podcasts in the last few years, she began her work in the Podcast Industry in 2012. 

    How to Create, Market and Sell Print on Demand Products 

    Selling print-on-demand merchandise is one of the best ways to monetize a podcast. Reyhane walks you through every step you need to know from paper to t-shirts. This guide covers the foundation, choosing concepts, gateways to customers, printify, pricing and profits, launching your shop, marketing, scaling your business and more. 

    Reyhane Khonsari is the owner of a thriving screen printing t-shirt business in Toronto. Despite the success, she discovered print-on-demand which ransformed her life and success completely. 

    Pitch Sponsors and Advertisers! 

    Podcaster's Elevator Pitch Masterclass: In our exclusive Podcaster's Elevator Pitch Masterclass, we dive deep into the art of creating a compelling pitch tailored for podcasters and broadcasters like you. This masterclass isn't just about words; it's about building connections, attracting sponsors, and expanding your listener base.

    Ready to Elevate Your Podcasting Game?

    Join countless podcasters and broadcasters who have unlocked the power of a compelling elevator pitch. Elevate your podcast, attract sponsors, and leave a lasting impression with every pitch you make.

    Jennifer Henczel is an award winning Podcaster, Author, and Founder of the Women in Podcasting Network and Elevating You Club. She is known for her ability to build inspiring, supportive and collaborative communities. Now, she helps others with monetizing their message and generating extra income from their expertise for more impact and influence. She loves creating opportunities for women to connect and collaborate in meaningful ways.

    Amp My Pod Monetization Specialists

    The Amp My Pod community is a paid online podcast community for podcasters seeking to effectively grow, market, and monetize their podcasts. AMP will also be filled with courses, demos, guest expert trainings, scripts, templates, trackers, and more.

    Sarah St John is an entrepreneur, podcaster, and author. She own a podcast growth, marketing, and monetization agency called AmpMyPod, and is the host of a Top 100 Entrepreneurial podcast called Frugalpreneur: Building a Business on a Bootstrapped Budget.

    Level 7: Community, Legal and More

    IndiePod Univeristy

    Welcome to the Indie Pod University!
    Crafting engaging content can be tricky, but with the right processes in place, you can start engaging with your customers on a deeper level. Building a deep trust because with a podcast, it is just your voice and their ears.

    Joe Pardo

    Podcasting Legal Guide 

    ALL The Rules For Podcasts:
    Copyright * Publicity Rights * Trademark Law * Using Other People's Works * Public Domain * Government Content * Fair Use * Sampling * Original Content * Creating Content * Using Pre-recorded Voice Recordings * Interviewing Someone * Using Music * Public Performances * Licenses You Need * Sync License * Videogram License * Fair Use * When Do I Need Permission? * Creative Commons * Distribution * All Rights Reserved and much more

    This legal guide not only spells out all the rules, but includes links to where you can see the official laws. 

    Podcasting in an Age of Uncertainty 

    With the world in so much turmoil, opportunities for podcasters have never been better.  Podcasting is a booming industry, but it's also one that is constantly changing -- and some of the changes can have dramatic impact. In order to succeed in the long term, podcasters need to be able to adapt to change and build resilient businesses.

    This book provides podcasters with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive in the age of uncertainty. You'll learn how to:

        Build a resilient podcast business
        Adapt to new technologies and trends (and why you must)
        Create a sustainable revenue stream
        Market your podcast effectively
        Build a strong community around your show

    Don't just be a podcaster -- be a thriving change maker with a sustainable business!

    Nancy Boyd is a healer, award-winning writer and coach who supports people who are creating the kind of world no one needs to recover from.  One of her mottos:  "Prepare to go deep, and you'll be radiant from the soul out."  

    The Ultimate Speakers Blueprint

    Unlock the Ultimate Speakers Blueprint bundle – your ticket to mastering the art of captivating speeches! Dive into expert tips and techniques to craft powerful messages that stick. Discover the secrets of influential speaking and become the magnetic speaker you've always wanted to be. Ready to take the stage by storm? This bundle is your roadmap to speaker supremacy!

    Meagan Fettes is a High Level Business Development Coach and Speaker. She works with heart centered business owners to get clear on their business, reverse engineer the business model into intentional action steps they can take to build their business by design for success while stepping into alignment with the universal laws and the greater self. 

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    Yes!! This year we added Stripe, which is a credit card processor. 

    I do not have a downloads page link. What do I do?

    Check your Spam and Junk folders first. Most of the time if they are lost, you’ll find them there. Then wait at least 15 minutes after you purchase. I’m not really in charge of how long it takes your internet provider to deliver email.

    And then if those don’t work, email me: DanAndRachelM@gmail.com and I’ll take care of it.

    I can not download or access the products, what do I do?

    Check your Spam and Junk folders first. Most of the time if they are lost, you’ll find them there. Then wait at least 15 minutes after you purchase. I’m not really in charge of how long it takes your internet provider to deliver email. And then if those don’t work, email me: DanAndRachelM@gmail.com and I’ll take care of it.

    What if I get stuck?

    You can always reach out to us at DanAndRachelM@gmail.com - we'd be happy to help. Also there's a Facebook group where people are always asking questions. 

    Can I purchase just part of Podcaster's Kit?

    No, but you don’t have to download them all. Plus our goal is to make sure every product has a retail value of at least $37. That way if you only use one thing, you still get a great deal. 

    Can I buy last year’s Kit?

    Sadly, no. We didn’t set it up with the experts that way last year. . . that may be something we do in the future.

    Can I purchase hard copies of the books and products?

    Sure. We can do that. We can put things on DVD, thumb drive or CD. Just email us at DanAndRachelM@gmail.com and we’ll tell you how much that will cost. But most of the things aren’t books . . they’re tickets, software, webinars . . . that just can’t be put on a disk.

    Can I share my Podcaster's Kit products with others?

    Yes and No. We would love for you to share the opportunity to buy Podcaster's Kit. That’s why we have an affiliate program. If you would like to make a 50% commission for sharing, email me and I’ll make that happen. DanAndRachelM@gmail.com.

    Otherwise, we ask that you don’t just send the products to others. The experts are doing this on good faith and are expecting you to operate the same way.

    How can I access my products on the iPad / Kindle / Phone or otherwise?

    You should have no problem whatsoever. 

    Do you offer refunds?

    No, there are no refunds,. Once you purchase Podcaster's Kit you have full access to these products. We have the rule because you could buy the Stack, then download or register for everything, then ask for a refund. When I was a teen I worked at Blockbuster Video and remember people coming in telling me they didn’t like the video they rented and asked for their money back. That wasn’t a thing either. BUT we will make sure you get everything you paid for . . . and some bonuses.

    None of these FAQ’s answered my question or solved my problem.

    Email us. We'd love to hear from you. We’ll help. DanAndRachelM@gmail.com