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Some of our clients are making $20,000, $30,000 and $100,000 per month from their web business. We want to help you understand how you could do that too. 


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You’ll Learn:

  • SEO
    What do you need to be doing with your keywords, content, plugins and images to improve your SEO and really use the power of the search engines to drive traffic to your business. We'll show you what you can do to be found on Amazon, YouTube, iTunes and more. . . AND most importantly what keywords are you winning but no one is clicking? Let's fix all of that. 
    How can you be better attacking your social strategy to get more engagement, more clicks and more sales. We'll look at your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google +, Slideshare, Instagram, YouTube and other properties like Stumbleupon.
    We'll show you how you can be making more money, driving more traffic so that you get the most from your time in 2016. and we'll give you plenty of ideas you probably have never thought about. Imagine an entire section focused on your revenue.
    Finally we'll be looking at you as the CEO. How can you be leveraging your name better online. We'll look at your overall presence on LinkedIn, your About Page, and where else
    What do you need to do with your design to get better SEO, engagement and monetization.  Did you know that your design could be hurting your money? What is working. What isn't. 
    Are you bringing the right people to the site?  Is your engagement low because your messaging is off? Where are areas you could be improving your messaging and branding?
    We're going to help you understand what your site is worth and what you would need to do to sell it.  You can't retire so you might as well understand how you're one day going to be able to do so.
    Analytics, Site Speed, Crawl Errors. HTAccess Problems,  Ping Lists. . . so much stuff to look know. We'll just tell you if anything needs fixed and what it is. 

    We are trying to get all reviews done by Christmas. First orders will be done first. 
  • THANK YOU! This was amazing. I am so inspired. And scared.

    Clearly, I have been playing with blocks for a long time. 

    But your advice was the exact kick in the pants that I needed. Thank you again.”


    Mara Strom

    Author of KosherOnABudget
  • Dan R Morris did this for us and he is the BOMB!

    We have implemented several things already including Google Adsense streams and our revenue has increased 127% so far.” 


    Liz Latham 

    Author of HoosierHomemade
  • Got my website review today and am blown AWAY!

    The best thing it has given me is CLARITY- something I was lacking. You guys do a major service to help others. 

    Well well worth doing."


    Christine Field

    Author of RealMomLife
  • Holy cow, I cannot say enough good things about the info I received.

    There were small, practical ideas, medium effort ideas and  Mack Daddy Million Dollar ideas that are literal game changers. ”


    Lesli Peterson

    Author 365AtlantaFamily
  • . . .They went over a bunch of things I needed to hear and showed me how to monetize my site better and what I had tried that wasn't doing me any good. They showed me the areas that I need to bring my voice out so my readers will keep on coming back again and again. ”


    Merissa Alink,

    Author of LittleHouseLiving

Dan & Rachel

About Dan and Rachel

Dan R Morris and Rachel Martin have perfected the website review after hundreds of reviews, learning from each review to make the next one even better. 

They also have clients that are bringing in $5,000, $10,000, $30,000 and $100,000 per month selling digital products, reaping ad revenue, selling services and servicing sponsors. 

In helping tweak their clients' strategies, they bring these tips and ideas to help you generate more revenue right away.