The 2017 Stack Begins . . . 

landing1 Must you be better organized?

Must you have new skill sets?

Must you be a better marketer?

What do you need to learn?

What books do you need to read?

landing2 Typically, most people say money and time.

(And the ability to focus)

Truly, the only thing that stands between you and your dreams is know-how.

If we know how to make money. . . and outsource, we overcome most of our problems.

Those that can do things quickly reap opportunities the rest just dream about.

Imagine being able to create a product, have the sales page up, a way to take money, deliver the product and have readers, fans, cheerleaders and affiliates selling for you. . . in 2 hours. . .

It is not only possible, it is done everyday.

landing3 Generating Cash?

Growing Traffic?

Creating Products?

Formulating Systems?

Developing Community?

Growing your Platform?

If you're like me, I'd say all of them because . . .

10815863_10204469402647989_834588459_n Hands down.

There is nothing cooler.

Whether it takes years or days, we become experts with video, animation, blogging, podcasting, speaking, writing, publishing, copywriting, marketing, research, email, PR, taxes ,organization, RSS ,interviews ,ad networks, PLR, networking, affiliates, communication, selling, events, outsourcing, Facebook, YouTube, products, sponsorship, brands, branding and list building.
10822689_10204469402567987_1634319852_n We asked the very best . . . including cold calling people we didn’t know . . . if they would lend us their best expertise for this unbelievable stack of online business knowledge.

The business you're hoping to build in 2015 is in here.

That’s what this stack of knowledge is for.

To deliver an ROI your “shareholders” will be proud of.

Our families depend on us to deliver a return on their investment and sacrifice.

John Lee Dumas

Learn how to Podcast

How about learning from the #1 Podcaster on the planet and the voice behind Entrepreneur on Fire? Does 5,000,000 downloads help?

Missy Ward

How to be an Affiliate Marketer

Who’d be best to teach affiliate marketing? The owner of the largest Affiliate Marketing Conference in the world? We think so.

Lynn Terry 

Niche Success Blueprint

With 18 years making a full-time income from it, we thought Lynn Terry would be the best to teach niche social marketing.

Joel Comm

The Adsense Code

Author of the New York Times Best seller “The Adsense Code”, many successful apps, we thought his Adsense Secrets book would be the best to learn from.

Ted Promodrou

How to Optimize LinkedIn

Entrepreneur Magazine asked Ted Prodromou to write the Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn. That was good enough for us.

Adrienne Graham

You Can't Pick My Brain for Free

Don’t Give It All Away! 6 Steps to Turn Free Consults into Paying Clients. . .No joke, Adrienne is the real deal when it comes to this. This audio will blow you away.

Kevin Riley

Clockwork Recipes: How to create products

Kevin has made a living creating products that are so useful, easy to follow and affordable, he’s built a company on repeat buyers. Let him help you see how to do it correctly.

Lee Collins

Hybrid Marketing Program

Here’s a guy whose so smart and eloquent, Frank Kern had 300+ copies of Lee’s Hybrid Marketing Course sent to his customers. The King boweth.

Ellen Britt

Art of the Interview

Ellen Britt is a master of the interview and wants to share her success skills with you.

Holly Homer

Facebook Marketing Techniques

Facebook guru Holly Homer grew her Facebook Page from 50k fans to One Million in one year. . .and she explains it all in this video.


If you are using the internet to fuel your business, these are tools for you. Bloggers, social media managers, vloggers, podcasters, coaches, speakers, authors, musicians, website owners, network marketers. . . This is a collection of tools to help you grow your business and make more money. 

David Dutton

Get Connected: Self Branding

Whether it’s the Mayor of Nashville or contestants on The Apprentice, David Dutton knows what it means to turn a meeting into a relationship

Adela Rubio

3 Steps to Building Blog Buzz with Graphic Quotes

Adela Rubio has hosted 19 Virtual Events and knows how to build blogging buzz and big time fans. Graphic quotes are her secret weapon to drive all the traffic and subscribers you need to your blog or event.

Leslie Samuel

Traffic Building 101

Unbelievable friend. YouTube Superstar. Charisma that makes you smile. Owner of . . there’s no better to learn from.

We've put together a digital library of information to teach you all you need to know to gain the confidence and the edge to make more money in 2015.

Phil Hollows

List Building for Bloggers

How about learning Email Marketing from none other than the creator of FeedBlitz himself? Think you’d learn something watching thousands of marketers build lists?

Connie Ragan Green

Affiliate Contest Secrets

Connie has perfected the art of community building, learning how to make her audience better, learning how to turn her fans into cheerleaders and buyers. Multi-affiliate contest wins.

Ricky Shetty

Making, Marketing and Monetizing Your Blog

Ricky runs the successful YVR Bloggers group in Vancouver, Canada mentoring bloggers to success. And her runs the famous

Kathleen Gage

How to Sell Thousands from your Platform

Kathleen Gage has a presence on stage that leaves you mesmerized. With thousands of appearances on stage, she’s the one to pass on the standards of stage sales.

Mitch Canter

Understanding Woo Commerce

Mitch Canter is an international speaker, technology enthuiast, and software developer from Franklin, TN. His mission is to take the foundations of the digital landscape (code, design, technology, marketing, and social media) and break them down into their binary pieces


Janet Thaler

13 Christmas Social Media Ideas that Rock

Janet uses case studies and data to help you market your small business during the holiday season.

Tiffany Romero

Building a Business While Growing a Family

Great tips from the leader of the SITS Girls. Who better than a Mom/Business Leader to author this

Lou Bortone

How to use Google Hangouts for Webcasting

20 Years doing video for Fox and NBC and then the last 10 doing online video marketing? Yep, Lou is who you need.

Kelly McCausey

List Building Roundtable

I wish you could all know Kelly. There isn’t a bigger champion of people. She’s quietly amassed an empire through conscious list building techniques that make her audience smile.

Ashley Coombe

Compliance Issues for Social Media

Ashley educates small businesses and bloggers on how to grow their audience using social media, and how to monetize their blogs.

Kristen Brown

Brand Ignition Course

Two-time bestselling author, including Happy Hour Effect, and seen in the media over 200 times. Kristen is your secret branding weapon.

Angela England

Make and Sell a Fabulous Ebook

The original Renaissance Woman herself, Angela will help you figure out how to make an ebook that sells, fast.

Alice Seba

Profiting from PLR

How about discovering the secrets of content marketing from the queen of private label rights content marketing herself? If you don’t know anything about PLR. . .start here.

I am amazed at the incredible depth of the speakers you have put together for such an incredible price!! I just got mine and am looking forward to going through the wealth of wisdom!!!

Ricky Shetty

I thank you Dan R Morris and Rachel Martin for all of the long hours and work you put into the BC Stack. I am having a great time looking over the products. There are such amazing people that contributed to this product. 

Joanne Moxam Del Balso

Let's just say I am still unpacking all the amazingness the Stack comes with! You can use it in MANY aspects of business. . .seriously!

Tonia L. Clark

Nicole Dean

Simplifying Blogging with Systems and Awesome

Nicole Dean is a systems genius. Whether it’s outsourcing, or backing up data, or building a business that feeds many families. . . she’s the Guru.

Claudia Krusch

Small Business Survival Guide

She has been a blogger since 2007, a member of 27 blogging organizations; worked with 87 brands in 2013 alone, formulating multiple streams of income all through building a solid blogging business.

Lisa Woodruff

How to Get on TV

It seems Lisa can get on TV at will, we asked her to spill her secrets. As a professional organizer blogger and network marketer she speaks our online language.

Doug Foresta

How to Create a Podcast THIS WEEK That Expands Your Reach, Boosts Your Book or Blog and Creates Change

Stand up and be heard! That’s the cry of Doug Foresta the vocal podcaster. Learn his secrets for immediate podcast success

Kurt Scholle

Website Success Course: Google Analytics

Kurt helps large companies, hoteliers and online marketers create websites that generate revenue. In so doing, he’s become an expert with Google Analytics.

Janis Petit

Webinar Sales Success Secrets

Janis is too big for two sentences. She’s successfully started, grown and sold three businesses. She’s been coaching since 2001 and knows how to help people create a strategy to grow a lucrative lifestyle business. This is hers.

Kristen Eckstein

Engaging Your Fan Base

How about learning book publishing from someone who’s published over 160 books and started 50 publishing companies.

Sushant Misra

Getting Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers

Sushant is an interviewing rock star. I think he’s interviewed and learned from about every cool marketer out there. All the while using the interviews to build his list.

Suzanne Myers & Tracy Roberts

Book your Blog: Plan, write, produce & market a book from your blog.

Tracy is the mastermind behind the successful PiggyMakesBank community helping entrepreneurs perfect their purpose and system online. She’s noted for finding ways to make money in your business – you’re currently overlooking.

Csaba Lendvay

Getting to know Google +

Part of their Social Media Immersion program, Csaba teaches you how to use tools like Google+, Gmail, Google Drive and Google Apps

Denise Griffits

Going Virtual: Finding  a VA

Denise runs a very successful radio show, runs is all about helping her clients become successful.

Tawyna Sutherland

How to Outsource to a VA

Owner of the largest Virtual Assistant Social Network and Certified Internet Marketing Strategist, we thought Tawnya was the most qualified person on the planet to teach outsourcing.


BC Stack is one of the best products I've ever bought. True you have to do a little work sorting but I found the value to be outstanding. 

Pat Snow
Pat Snow Business Coaching

I love the Stack and thank you, Dan and Rachel, for working so hard to make it easy to dissect and get what we most need out of it. Great Job! 

June Ash Moore

Sarah Arrow

Content Marketing from Scratch

One of Sarah’s sites is syndicated via an international newspaper, another listed by Forbes as a top website for women, not once, but three times.

Sharyn Sheldon

100 Survival Tips for Biz Owners

Sharyn has developed training programs for giant companies for 20 years and customizable, rebrandable content for 10.

Sue Painter

Writing Copy for SEO and Readers

Sue runs, is an author and entrepreneur. One of her businesses had her booked for 12 months straight after being open only 18 months.

Joanne Delbalso

The 15 Most Important Tax Deductions for eBusiness

27 years doing taxes for small businesses and bloggers, Joanne knows our industry inside and out

Lucrecer Braxton

Image Marketing Secrets

Lucrecer understands photography and the power of visual story telling like none other. She wanted to share with us her book . I’m quite looking forward to learning something totally new to me.

Natalie Marie Collins

​Website Backgrounds and Doodles

Natalie also wants to lighten our day and the lives of our audience with her . There is something to be said about our blog posts and websites looking different every once in a while. I’m grateful she’s sharing this spectacular bundle with us.

Simon Salt

How to Take Better Photographs of Children

Simon is the guy behind IncSlingers. . .but he’s also a professional photographer. Since we now live in a video and picture driven world, he thought he’d give you his program.

Rey Brown

iPHone 6 MasterClass

Rey is a Verizon superstar turned iPhone podcaster, Rey believes you’re not using your phone to its fullest capacity. Listening to him talk about it makes me wonder why am I not using my phone better.

Katie Hornor

Best Pics Monthly Blog

Katie is an American “missionary” / blogger in Mexico using her online skills to make us all better. She’s got a site where you have access to pics you can use on online. She’s throwing in a 6 Month Subscription for BC Stack buyers.

Tiffany Noth

Get Started Blogging

Tiffany runs BloggyCon, a blogging conference in Ohio that attracts big brands and bloggers from all over the country. She’s got a great series of books on blogging she wanted to share with you. If you’re new, this is where you start.

XShot & Databolor

Photo Tips Class: Vantage Point

The idea of vantage point in photography isn’t discussed much, but very interesting. Since XShot sells products that give you a better vantage point, this is perfect.

Faydra Koenig

6 Questions to Free You

Faydra helps people get through tough times and has learned what really holds people back. Let her open up your world.

Lisa Kelly Woodruff

How to Hire Help

Lisa Woodruff is a professional organizer & productivity specialist. She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and direct marketers  how to grow through outsourcing. How to Hire help is a 30 minute video presentation that will guide you through listing all of the responsibilities you have in all the various roles you hold in your life. The video will then use the accompanying printables to help you strategically outsource routine tasks from both your home and personal life to free you up to do what only you can do.

Rebecca Caroe

Sales Through Email Marketing

Cold Calling is not easy, but waiting for personal introductions to every prospect is slow. Learn techniques to introduce your business via email

Angela Wills

Website in a Weekend

Buying Domain names, Getting WordPress up. . . an entire blog in a weekend

Daniel Hall

Real Fast Email Marketing

Real Fast Email Marketing. In addition to the content, pay attention to everything Daniel does. From the landing page to the way he teaches. Brilliance.

LeeAnn Webster

Telesummit Secrets

Grow your klout, community engagement and wallet with Telesummits. LeeAnn has been involved with 20+ telesummits and has packaged her knowledge here.

Jo Barnes

Building Sales Funnels

Building a Sales Funnel. Jo is the expert at driving traffic with Facebook Ads to grow her wallet and business. Her complete strategy is here.

Costas Peppas

How to Reach Out to Business Owners

Want to work with business owners? How to get their attention in a relaxed way that impresses them.

Danielle Smith

How to Keep Your Confidence when on Radio and TV

Danielle Smith has been on TV, the Red Carpet, media spokesperson. . . you name it. Her tips in this regard are invaluable.

Joanne Eckton

Building Strong Teams

6 Steps to Improve Team Performance, Retain Top Talent and Virtually Eliminate Morale Problems

Tony Laidig

How to Make a Video Book Trailer

Easily Create a Video Trailer for Your Book. This is becoming more and more important in your book marketing schedule. This is a must do training.

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